Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Due to Technical Difficulties...

Are you looking for Part Two of the killer story “Beware the Dybbuk” by Robin Renee Ray? Well you aren’t the only one!

Unfortunately due to things beyond Robin’s control she was unable to send part two in time for me to get it posted for her usual Wednesday spot here on Hugs & Nightmares. But, as soon as I receive it, I will get it posted! Stop back here or watch for an announcement on Facebook letting you all know it’s been posted.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

 Hugs & Nightmares,


I do apologize ladies, what was I thinking? Of course you can have a few drinkie-poos while you wait! Enjoy the scenery, it’s a lovely time of year J









  1. no problem hun..we can wait cause Robin is....WELL WORTH WAITING FOR !!!!..

    1. Yes she is!!!! Although I think she just likes keeping us in suspense, LOL

  2. Oh Yes, she is. Savannah, Could you get Rosemary and I, a drink while we wait? Something served by a shirtless man with nice abs and tushy, would be nice :)

  3. oohhhh yeahhh Robin ...we love you BUT.... take your time...were having a delicous time here...mmmmmmm..thanks for the drinks she says as she leans over the bar to get a better look at the bartender....someone please..dont catch me if I fall over to the other side ok !!!