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Beware the Dybbuk ~ Part Seven

Beware the Dybbuk
By Robin Renee Ray
Part Seven
Mike gathered his three siblings in the main family room, doing his best to convince them that there was a logical explanation for everything.  He had to hold Cindy for a few minutes to calm her after she broke down over the door not opening. Then he had to calm Sam down when he took a chair and tried to break out one of the windows in the foyer. “You all just need to calm down and let me think for a minute. It’s an old house and maybe the door just gets stuck.”
          “And the window, Mike?” Sam spoke loud as he picked up the chair and threw it again, bouncing it off the window. “Son of a bitch.”
          “Would you stop for a second,” Mike grabbed him by his shoulders. “You’re freaking out the girls and right now I need you to be strong, not only for them, but for me. I can’t figure this out on my own, little bro…I need your help.”
          Sam looked over at Cindy who was crying and Gabby who was holding her with tears beginning to fill her eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset them more, but Mike, I’m really scared.”
          “I know, and to be a little honest, so am I. But it’s up to you and me to take care of them,” Mike whispered, then pulled Sam into his embrace. “We can get through this as long as we keep our heads.”
          “What are we going to do Mike?” Gabby kissed Cindy on the cheek and then got up and walked over to her brothers. “It’s getting late and even if we could get that door open, it’s storming so badly there is no way we can walk out of here.”
          “I say we try the back door and then take off even if it is storming,” Sam added.
          “I agree that we need to find a way out, if for nothing else but to calm Cindy down, but walking out of here would be hell.”
          Mike helped Cindy to her feet and held her close while they made their way down the hall to the kitchen. He nodded at Sam to try the back door, but just like the front it wouldn’t budge. The lights flickered and the house was once again bathed in darkness, except for the glow that was coming from the fireplace. The basement door began to shake causing the four siblings to back into the counter, all grabbing a hold of the other. It stopped suddenly and then opened a few inches.
          “I wanna go home,” Cindy cried out.
          “No way in hell am I going down there,” Sam said as he slid in behind Mike.
          “It was just the wind from the storm,” Mike spoke as he started making his way to the hall door. “Just stay close to me and we will stay by the fire until morning.”
          “Would you stop saying that everything that is happening is either from the storm or has a logical reason behind it. Mike, there is something going on in here that isn’t even close to being normal,” Gabby said as they walked down the hall.
          “Die!” a deep, harsh voice yelled causing both girls to scream and take off running down the hall.
          “If that’s you Grey, I’m going to kick the shit out of you,” Mike yelled back.
          The flower vase on the moon shaped table in the hall slammed into the wall, inches from Mike’s head. Gabby turned and ran back to the boys who were getting up off the ground. It was then that they heard Cindy scream, and then fall silent. The boys were up and running for the foyer, but Cindy was nowhere to be seen.
          “Cindy!” Gabby yelled and then darted for the staircase with Mike grabbing her.
          “She wouldn’t have time to go up, we would have seen her,” he said turning her to look at him. Then he lowered his voice, “I think that Grey is behind this.”
          “We have to find her Mike.”
          “I know and we will, but we have to stay together or…” he paused. “This freak could get his hands on you as well.”
          Sam started unpacking one of the boxes that had Mike’s name on it. He threw the items in the box behind him until her found what he was looking for. When he lifted out the blades that Mike had packed, he turned and tossed one to his older brother. “Let’s find Cindy then kill that sorry piece of shit.”
          Harold Grey had seen his opportunity when the oldest sister took off back down the hall, leaving the smaller of the two standing by the family room entrance. He grabbed her from behind, placing his hand over her mouth and dragged her to the secret panel at the back of the room. Once he had her on the other side he turned her around and hit her full out in the face with his fist knocking her unconscious.      
          After dragging Cindy through the long passage and down into the little hidden area by the basement, he tied her up and then duct taped her mouth. He then walked over and lovingly ran his hand over the wooden chest. “Yes, I know what to do.” He spoke out loud as if speaking to someone else in the dark room. “I will make them pay for trying to take my home and afterwards, you can have their souls.”
          A long slash appeared on the side of his face and he yelled out, dropping to his knees. Blood began to pour from the open wound as another appeared on the other side of his face. Harold’s head went back then he collapsed on the floor. “I swear I’ll do what you want, just stop…please stop.”
          “Control the boy and the others will do as we say,” a deep, harsh voice hissed in Harold’s ear.
          It was hard for Mike to help calm his sister, she was all but hysterical. Doors kept slamming on the second floor and the air smelt just like the place where they’d found the wooden chest. They all gathered around the fireplace with no clue that there was a secret passage just a few feet behind them.
          “What if it’s not that creepy guy, what if there really is a Dybbuk and we let it out when we opened that door? It smells just like it did down there.”
          “Sam, there is no such thing…”
          “What if he’s right?” Gabby interrupted.
          “For real, Mike. How could one person keep slamming those doors, or how did he throw that chair and vase?”
          “I agree that something isn’t right, but you cannot blame it on a tale that dad told you. He was just trying to make you mind.”
          “I just want to find Cindy and get the hell out of here,” Gabby said and as soon as the words left her mouth an evil laugh filled the silence.
          Mike stood up, “What do you want?”
          “Your blood,” the same deep voice replied.
To be continued…

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