Monday, November 19, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

Well I had kicked around a few ideas this weekend about what to write about. I was thinking of getting into contracts and records but I'll save that for when I finish some research I'm doing.

Today we are going to get into protection and how to protect yourself. Why? Because I'm running into more people who tell me they are experiencing some kind of abilities coming out. The energy of the planet is shifting and as it does more of us adults are gaining abilities we never thought we had, when in reality we've always had them.

So here is some advice: If you are having abilities come out, get together with some likeminded people and learn as much as you can. Take classes at your local metaphysical store or holistic business. Read everything and anything that interests you. Second, do not do any ghost hunting or work on other people until you figure it out your ability and you learn how to shield yourself. If you are opening up to abilities and you're not sure how to use them and you go out ghost hunting or trying to work on people, your light is going to shine brighter and crap is going to be attracted to you. In turn that crap comes home with you and then you have problems getting it to leave.

Do you ever feel drained during your day? Like your energy is zapped and you can't figure out why? We're not talking lack of caffeine. It's people sucking your energy. When we interact with people throughout our day, we send out cords and they too send out cords that attach to us, our auras can touch and mesh which shares energy. These energy shares need to be minimized or cut off so that your energy stays yours. To do this you need to cut those cords and get rid of them. You can do this yourself or have Arc Angel Michael come down and do it for you.

To do this yourself, I bundle cords at the chakras to the front first, starting at my head and going all the way down to my feet. Start at the back of your head and pull your hands around to the front of your forehead like you are making a ponytail. Then at your throat, your heart, your belly, all the way down. Then when you get to your feet bundle front to back all the way up. Stretch your arms up over your head and bend your hands at the wrist so your fingers touch forming a "knife". Breath in through your nose and hold the intent to release all cords as you forcefully blow out through your mouth as you bring your hands down over the front of your body cutting all the cords and then again at the back all the way down to your feet. When you are done step out of the circle of cords at your feet and walk away. Mother Earth will take the cords and recycle their energy.

Calling on Arch Angel Michael. Very easy—just ask. “Arch Angel Michael, please come down with your flaming sword and cut all energy cords to my front, then to my back, to my left, to my right, above and below me. Thank you.”

Stones can protect your energy. You can wear them in jewelry or just carry them in your pockets. Dark colored stones such as Apache Tear and Onyx are great protectors. Hematite is also a good one. You can purchase hematite rings for a dollar or two, to wear for protections. I was told when the ring cracks it did so protecting you so thank it and replace it. You can bury it outside to give it back to Mother Earth with blessings.

Sponges. I've heard of people carrying a small sponge in their pocket. You program the sponge with the intent to catch all the negative energy that comes at you. At night when you get home you need to clean the sponge by running it under water. Now I've also heard tales of that hurting the plumbing in the house so I suggest taking it outside and pouring water on it or smudging it.

Mirror necklaces. Some holistic stores will sell tiny mirrors on a necklace. The idea is if you are wearing the mirror, the mirror will reflect back harmful energy to the sender.

White light. You can bubble just about anything with protective white light. White light is the most powerful as it is from the source of the universe. You can bubble your house at night with protective white light, your car when you are driving and make the bubble as big as you want to cushion your car. You can bubble your kids, animals and yourself to protect you from lower energy or negative energy. You can also use different colors for different things you want. But that's another blog. : )

To clear your house you can get into meditation and then see a small bubble of white light in the middle of your home. Then grow the light and have it push out all energy that vibrates low. Keep growing the bubble until it pushes out of your home and now your home is in the bubble. Then give the bubble the intent to protect the house.

Using herbs such as sage and lavender or Palo Santo wood can also help you release energy that is tied to you. Smudging will clear your aura and help release any unwanted energy.

There are many ways to keep your energy clear and healthy. Practice and experiment to find the right way for you.

This week Friday I will be at Q's in Mosinee, WI doing readings from 12:30pm to 4ish. I will also be checking in with Club Forest in Plover, WI that night as the team— Stevens Point Paranormal Club will be investigating there.

  Happy Thanksgiving!
Blessings All,


Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


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