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Beware the Dybbuk ~ Part Six


Beware the Dybbuk

By: Robin Renee Ray

Part Six

          It was getting late and the four siblings were completely worn out from all the work they had done that day. After eating, they all became even more tired and felt it was time to shut down for the day. Mike moved the boxes in the hall into the living room and taped them up while the others put more boxes together so they would be ready the next day.

          “Man, I have never been this tired before,” Sam complained.

          “That’s because you never do anything but play those stupid games,” Cindy replied as she dropped down on the couch by Mike.

          “I think we will all get a good night sleep tonight. I sure know that I will,” Gabby said, stacking the last of the empty boxes.

          “You mean if those ghosts don’t start making noise again,” Cindy yawned.

          “Leave it to you to bring that back up.” Sam sat down on the floor in front of the couch. “I think Mike is right, this old house just makes a lot of sounds.”

          Gabby walked over and looked out the window. The wind was picking up and she could see lightning in the distance. “Looks like we’re gonna get hit by a storm. It sure is getting ugly out there.”

          “I’m not going back down in that basement if the electricity goes out again. And you guys better not leave us up there all by ourselves while you go investigating.”

          “So, you will go back down in that dark, stinking basement if they do, Cindy?” Sam asked.

          “I can stay up at the door while one of you go hit that breaker thing. It’s just too weird down there and it even smells worse.”

          “I don’t care what we hear tonight, I’m not getting up and have another night like last night. If one of you hear something you can go check it out and if the lights go out they can stay out until morning.”

          “Bull shit, Mike. You’re the oldest and even though I hate to admit it, you’re also the bravest one here,” Gabby spoke as she walked back over and sat down beside Cindy.

          “I’m brave!” Sam proclaimed a little too loud.

          “You don’t have to be so damn loud, we’re all right here, Sam.” Cindy frowned, giving Sam a hard stare.

          “You guys can stay down here and argue all you want, I’m going to go take a shower.” Mike left the room.        

          The girls looked at each other and got up to follow Mike upstairs. “Hey, wait for me,” Sam said as he got to his feet.

          Boy,” a hissing sound came from the room by the living room.

          It didn’t take two seconds for Sam to be on the stairs behind the girls, not sure he had heard what he had. He kept looking back, stepping up and hitting Cindy’s foot causing her to trip forward. “You little shit, you did that on purpose,” she reached back and swatted his arm.

          “Did not, I wasn’t watching where I was going. I was…I was seeing if whoever said ‘boy’ was going to follow us.”

          “Please, Sam, let’s not do that tonight. I’m too tired,” Gabby snapped and hurry up ahead of her younger siblings.

          “You were lying weren’t you?”

          “No Cindy, I really heard it, or something that sounded like it.”

          Once they all had their showers they all laid down and went to sleep. A few hours into the night, Harold made his way down one of the back passages to the second floor. He went down the hall on the right and put his ear to the door, but heard nothing. Then he walked to the hall on the left and could hear one of the siblings coughing. “Little bastards,” he whispered, then turned the door knob. He looked in then stepped back out and slammed the door. Harold waited a few second, listening to the four scrambling around and saying things too low for him to hear.

          “I’m scared,” Cindy cried.

          “Me too,” Gabby concurred.

          “Sam, did you do that?” Mike asked but answered himself when he saw the look on Sam’s face.

          Another door slammed then another.

          “Let’s leave. I don’t want to know what or who is doing that. And don’t tell me it’s just this old house.”

          “Just calm down, Cindy, everything’s going to fine.”

          “I don’t care! I want to go home right now.”

          No sooner than the words left Cindy’s mouth, a huge clap of thunder shook the house and she was screaming. Gabby grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. “I agree Mike, we can’t put up with this for another night. I want to go home too.”

          “Who’s going to do this for dad, if we don’t?”

          “I don’t care, Mike. Take me home and then you can come back and do it. I’m not staying here anymore and that’s final.”

          “Come on Mike, let’s take her home. She’s shaking all over.”

          Two more doors slammed somewhere downstairs and Mike agreed. They gathered what few things they had in the room and all four headed down to the first floor and out the front door. Mike was fixing to open the trunk when he noticed that all four tires were flat. “No way.” The others saw what he had and all three backed away from the car. Cindy was in tears and Gabby wasn’t far behind.

          “Who the hell would do this?” Mike kicked the side of the car. “Son of a bitch.”

          Rain started pouring down and they all rushed back up to the porch. “I can’t go back in there,” Cindy said shaking her head.

          “We don’t seem to have a choice, Cindy. Let’s just stay down in the living room.”

          “But that’s where I heard the voice. I don’t want to go back in there either,” Sam added, stepping up as close to Mike as he could. “I sure wish we had those guns.”

          Mike talked them all into going back in. The three youngest huddled up on the couch while Mike built a fire in the fireplace. Lightning struck with a huge clap of thunder and the girls both screamed. Sam started laughing but soon stopped when the lights went out. “Not again,” Mike said as he put more wood in the fireplace. “It’s going to be fine guys, I’m not going to let anything happen.”

          Stomping sounds rang out right above the living room causing the girls to scream again then grab ahold of each other in pure fear of what might be upstairs. Moments later the hall table on the second floor flew through the air, down the stairs and broke into several pieces in the foyer. Mike stood up and looked back at his siblings on the couch. “Someone is up there and I bet you anything it’s that weird butler. I’m fixing to find him and kick the shit out of him.” He then started walking toward the foyer.

          “Mike, don’t,” Gabby pleaded with tears running down her cheeks. “You can’t go up there alone.”

          The sound of pots and pans hitting the floor came from the kitchen, causing Mike to back up. Three doors slammed upstairs just seconds later. “That can’t be the same person, Mike.”

          “I know. Come on, we can stay the night in the car and walk out of here in the morning.”

          The three were up before he could finish talking and all hurried across the foyer floor. Mike grabbed the doorknob but the door wouldn’t budge. He yanked several times then turned around and looked at his oldest sister. Mike could see the fear on her face. “It’s locked. It won’t open.”

          “Call the police, Mike. I’m really scared,” Sam whispered, looking back at the living room. “Somebody’s in there.”

          They all turned around and watched a dark shadow move across the room.


          Harold stood at the top of the stairs. He watched the girl named Cindy grab the door and yank as she screamed for it to open. But he knew it wouldn’t and he didn’t have to raise a finger to keep it closed. He hadn’t locked it, nor had he slammed more than two doors. Something else was helping him with his mission and it brought a smile to his blood coated face.

To be continued….


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