Monday, November 5, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

Now I didn’t take pictures from the party on Saturday, but I know Savannah has some and will add them. We had an amazing day on Saturday. I arrived at Savannah’s around 11am and started to set up my table and area. I have to say when Savannah says she wants a party she pulls out everything to have a party! I haven’t seen so much food on a day that isn’t Thanksgiving. She had sloppy joes, cheese & sausage, veggies, dip, chips, and my all-time favorite— chocolate! She’s amazing with the food.

The day started with some Reiki Sessions. What is Reiki? Reiki is a simple energy system with a few symbols that helps connect you to the universal life force energy. A Reiki practitioner will channel Reiki energy to the client. Reiki will travel throughout the body to release any energy blocks and balance the client’s energy. When your energy is balanced you can maintain wellness. Now, my Reiki sessions aren’t traditional because I do not touch. I like to hover above the client’s body and have my hands in the aura so I can feel where blocks are. When I get to an area that has a block, then I stop and channel Reiki to that area. I also use stones and sound to break up the energy. If needed, I may even smudge a client to help clear out the negative energy. Throughout the early afternoon I used Reiki to help clients mostly with physical pain and also balanced a few chakras. I just want to say that Reiki does not have to be done in person. A distance session is where we make an appointment and the client relaxes in their home and I work a session on them from my home. It works just as well as an in person session and sometimes even better because the client is more comfortable in their own home. If you have questions about a distance session and how that works, please ask me. I made a few recommendations on what stones could help with the pain that some of the clients were experiencing. I do want to say Hematite is amazing for sucking the pain out of areas. I use hematite on headaches, sinus, joints by placing the hematite on the area and leaving it there for a few minutes to let it do its job. Afterwards though it needs to be cleared from all the negative energy it took away.

Readings were next. We had a few crossed over loved ones come through but not as strong as I would have liked. I felt like I needed more rock solid information from them for their people, but that could just be my expectation.

A question came up as to why not all people can contact a crossed over loved one when they are with me for a reading. Well, spirits are people too, and like people they are all different with different abilities. Each spirit communicates in different ways. One client may have a loved one come through that can sit down and to me look like I’m talking to someone who is alive. The spirit can talk to me just as I’m talking to a person. Sometimes a spirit may not have the ability to fully materialize so it has to send me visions or can give me a word or two. Sometimes the communication comes through the cards that are picked for the reading. If the client wants to talk to a crossed over loved one and I don’t pick up on anyone being around it could be they either do not have the energy to communicate or they’re busy. Yes, they’re busy, sorry but it happens. They have an ongoing life over there on the other side doing everything they enjoyed doing here. So if grandma is in the middle of horseback riding at the time of your reading and you want to talk to her, sorry but she’s busy and will not show up.
Remember I can’t talk to them if they aren’t strong enough to communicate with me or if they don’t want to talk to me I can’t make them. If I’m not picking up on someone you want to talk to it’s ok to tell me “hey, I'd like to talk to so and so”. More times than not, that person will show up once you speak their name and then we can communicate and figure out what it is you both need to tell each other.

Something new for me that I have just noticed lately is I’ve been able to focus in on a ghost that is doing the haunting even if it is not present with the person who I am talking with. Now this I’m not sure how it works but I’ve been getting visions and feelings of what the ghost looks like or who it might be. Saturday while talking with one lady I was able to focus in on two boys that are in her home moving things around. I was able to give her a description as to what they looked like. Another client I was able to get a reading on her ghost as to an age and a hair color along with talking to her about why he was in the house. During that reading I was also able to give her some small details about her father’s death. I am hoping she emails me when she looks into it. Another client said she had a haunting going on at her house and wanted to know a little more about the person there. I was able to give her a little information and really felt like it was connected to the property and not so much the house. She was going to go and look at her deed for some names to research. I hope she finds what she was looking for. I cannot explain how I am able to do this, but I stay true to the one rule I learned from a friend when I started working with Reiki. When I was at an event a friend of mine, Alma said there is one rule to working with spirits to always remember. That is this: When Spirit talks do not judge it because that is not your job. Your job is to tell the person what it is the Spirit is saying. Now more than ever I practice that rule. When I read and tell a client what I am getting, I do not fear what the client will think know matter how strange the message is that I’m supposed to give. I just say it and let the client figure it out. It’s not my job to figure it out it’s the client’s job to figure out the meaning. It’s my job to just be the voice of what is being shown or told to me.

I was able to talk about the Nemeton Energy System as well, as a client needed to spend some time out with the trees to help with her healing. I am currently working on the Nemeton Energy System Manual. I am updating it with some newly channeled information and some meditations. I have worked hard to write it for someone who has not ever worked with an energy healing system such as Reiki. If you are interested in using Mother Earth energy and using trees to help assist with your healings send me and email for more information on this amazing energy system.

All and All we had a great Saturday with all of us girls hanging out and talking metaphysical stuff and, well, just plain old girl talking. I kind of felt bad for my cousin Rick because he was the only guy around all of us.

I will be in Shell Lake on Saturday for a BodyLabUSA Expo.


Have an amazing Week!

Blessings All,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


Savannah’s Pictures…

Rosemary brought a leaf for me to autograph! It was the best idea ever.
Wendy starts the readings, Brenda & Kate were up first!
Girls just wanna have fun!
Girls just wanna have fun! Meeting Rosemary was awesome!
Gotta love me some Laurie!
Anna & Vicky patiently waiting for their turn.
Rosemary and her sister Anna are ready for their readings!
Rosemary and her sister Anna are ready for their readings!
Wendy & Laurie
I want to thank Wendy and all the girls for coming on Saturday! It was such an awesome day and I made some new friends as well as getting to hang with some oldies but goodies. I hope we can all get together again real soon!


  1. Hello Savannah and Wendy,it was so awesome to be able to meet both of you. Thank you so much for inviting us into your wonderful old home.For all of the readers, I am the one who has the "Irish Twin boys" who are in my home because of the land in which my house is built, they are not attatched to the house,so when I get some spare time I will have to go to the reg of deeds for my county and start digging into who they are.I was never scared of them,just supprised to hear there was 2..and they are little pranksters,putting a glass candle on the middle of my floor so I could find it when I came home one night..but in my reading with Wendy,she told me what I needed to know and when I got home that eve. I felt such a feeling of peace that I just couldnt get before even after living in that house for over 20 yrs.My daughter in law found out more about a little boy spirit that was in her house..he is about 5 and told Wendy his name was Timmy,and also kept repeating to her "but this is my house" and he is very shy..always peeking around the corner. Wendy also spoke with Vickys dad who just passed over last week suddenly, and he told her to tell everyone that he is doing ok over there.and that really eased her mind,since he passed before she could get to the hospital. Wendy also said a few things about his reason of passing that Vicky is going to be checking into.All in all,it was just a wonderful time getting to meet Savannah and have her sign my leaf for ole fashion northwoods leaf.and I am so glad for meeting Wendy and cant wait to do another reading with her too.hey Savannah..notice the bright orb just above my but in the pic of us?..

  2. :( Somebody was missing :( But it sure looked like fun though.

  3. We missed you! Next time you'll make it:)