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Beware the Dybbuk ~ Part Nine


Beware the Dybbuk
By Robin Renee Ray
Part Nine

          Harold froze when he heard the oldest boy speaking and hurried down the passage to meet the boy in the kitchen. He slid the panel back and saw him going through the drawers and knew he better hurry before the young man was able to get a weapon. Within three steps he was directly behind Mike and raising his fist to hit him in the back of the head. The boy pulled a large butcher knife out of the drawer as Harold’s doubled up fist slammed into the back of his head, knocking him into the cabinet and then down on the floor.

          Mike kept his eyes closed as the big man rolled him onto his stomach and tied his hands together. He stayed still while he was flipped back over and dragged to the secret panel by his ankles. Mike opened his eyes just a slit to see the secret door he was being dragged through then quickly closed them as Mr. Grey stepped over him to close the panel. Before he picked his feet back up he kicked Mike a few times, looking down at his face to see if he would respond. He smiled and continued down the passage and to the steps that led down to the room by the basement.

          Pain shot through Mike’s back and head with each step that Harold took, but he forced himself to pretend to be unconscious while trying to hold his head up to ease the force of the blow of the wooden steps. When they reached the bottom, one of Mike’s feet were dropped while another panel was opened. Shortly thereafter he was dragged through an opening and placed by one of the walls.

          “Look what I have little sister,” Harold laughed. “Looks like the Dybbuk was right, he was easier to get than I thought.”

          Cindy rolled her head over and saw Mike lying by the wall, as still as the dead, and she began to cry. She looked back at Harold who was standing by the wooden chest, rubbing his hands over the top of it. When she looked back at her brother he opened his eyes and winked at her, it was then that she stopped crying and was grateful to not be alone with the crazy man. She blinked twice then looked back at Mr. Grey when Mike closed his eyes.



          Gabby was holding her mouth when she and Sam dared to look down the hall when they heard what sounded like a crash. She saw a figure going through the wall with Mike’s feet in its hands. It was too dark to tell who was taking her brother, but she knew it was Mike on the ground. The only thing she could do was hope that he was still alive.

          “We shouldn’t have let him go, Gabby. What if Cindy’s…”

          “Don’t say it, Sam. Cindy and Mike will be fine, he knows what he’s doing. Come on, we better put more wood on the fire.”

          “If that son of a bitch comes in here I will use one of these daggers, decoration or not. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

          Gabby was about to reply when the front door flew open and the storm blew leaves inside, all over the foyer floor. They walked to the entrance of the family room hand in hand and looked in disbelief at the open door. “Should we close it?” Gabby asked.

          “Hell no, but we should put a chair in front of it to hold it open.”

          As soon as Sam walked over to get a chair the door slammed closed. Both jumped and Sam ran back to Gabby and grabbed her arm. “You saw it! There was no one there to close it. Now do you believe there are ghosts or worse?”

          “I saw it Sam, but maybe the wind closed it.”

          “No way, the wind was blowing in.”

          “All right, I’m going to agree with you that something is really odd, but I just can’t say it’s some type of ghost. Maybe that creepy Mr. Grey set this place up?”

          “Let’s go see if it will open, then we can go back by the fireplace,” Sam replied as he gently pulled Gabby toward the foyer.

          After crossing the foyer floor, both stood and looked at the knob. It was Sam that reached out and turned it. The door opened with ease and they looked at the other. Sam closed it, then reopened it, and then smiled at Gabby. He was about to close the door when Gabby was yanked backwards and across the foyer floor. Sam started to go to her when he was lifted up into the air and thrown into the wall by the staircase.

          “Sam!” Gabby yelled, trying to make her way on her hands and knees to where he now lay, completely motionless. Her head went back as she was pulled to her feet and lifted by her hair. She kicked and screamed as she held her own hair to keep it from ripping from her scalp. “Sam, help me!” she screamed as an invisible hand slapped her across the face.

          Sam moaned then opened his eyes to see Gabby’s hair pulled taught above her head and nothing there to hold it. He jumped to his feet and ran over and grabbed her around the waist and tried to pull her back to the floor. “Let her go,” he yelled and put all of his might into holding on as the same invisible force busted his bottom lip. A few seconds later they both collapsed to the floor. “I told you…I told you.”

          “Oh God, Sam, you’re bleeding.”

          “What the hell was that?”

          “I don’t know,” Gabby said trying to hold the tears back for Sam’s sake. “But I think you may be right about that box we found in the basement.”

          “I wish dad was here, he said things about his ancestors sending a Dybbuk back to hell.”

          “We need to pray Sam, for us and Mike and Cindy. Whatever pulled me into the air and threw you into the wall was pure evil that much I know for sure.”


          Mike pulled the small steak knife out of his back pocket and started working on the rope that held his hands firmly together. He would stop when the one they knew as Mr. Grey turned around and faced him, but the moment he turned his back, Mike went back to work on his restraints. He stopped when Mr. Grey dropped to his knees and fell forward.

          “He won’t be a problem, I tied his hands tight,” Harold Grey said to the voice that hissed warnings in his ear. He pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, and threw up a puddle of blood. He then rose to his feet and walked over to where Mike was pretending to be unconscious and kicked him as hard as he could in the face breaking all pretenses. Mike was out cold. Then he turned his attention to Cindy.

To be continued….

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  1. This is such an awesome story I will be so sad when it ends. I look forward to it every week. Hey did you know that I have a brother named Harold? He was named after my Grandfather, the most wonderful man in the world.