Monday, December 10, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All! Are you ready to be a temporary Yooper? Cuz this week is all about the U.P. of Michigan baby...
First, I have to say HOLY SNOW Batman! We got dumped on in Wisconsin.
I am back from the U.P. of Michigan. I had a fantastic weekend with a friend from school. I did, believe it or not, spend time out on Lake Superior's shore picking rocks and agates for a little bit. Yes, it was cold but not as bad as I would have thought. There also wasn't any snow around which is very strange for up there. But it was fun being by the Lake and de-stressing and recharging my energy. There is something about the U.P. that I can't explain.
For Healings: Lake Superior Agate is good for getting in touch with your higher self. It can also help you with communicating beyond this physical world.
My room was AMAZING at the Inn that Stacey and her hubby own. It was really a three bedroom apartment. It was way too big for me, but it worked so well for the readings and healings Stacey lined up for me on Saturday. I was able to do readings at the dining room table and then in the sitting room set up my table for Reiki sessions.
Now, Stacey had originally asked me up to come and check out the place because she has some activity going on with strange noises; like things sounding like they fall but nothing is out of place. The radio turns on and off by itself. There has also been tapping noises reported or knocking. We'll come back to all of this.
Friday night I took some pictures of my rooms. In one of the bedroom pictures you can see an orb by the bed and it almost looks like the orb could have been moving. There are also a few others I caught in some of the other rooms. So after looking at the photos quick, I figured some white light around my area would help keep me safe and I'd get to sleep. Friday night was great- I got sleep!
Saturday we got up early and went to Eagle Harbor to pick agates for an hour because I had to be back at the Inn to do Reiki and Readings. Now keep in mind the place has a ghost or two because we'll be getting back to that as well. Readings went great! I had a great time seeing some people I knew growing up and helping people get going on their path and getting them references. A few crossed over loved ones did come through and the information that was shared was very amazing. Closure was given for three different people. I want to take this time to remind people that crossed over loved ones like earthbound spirits all communicate differently. Some can only give visions, some can give you a few words, some can hold a conversation or look and talk like you are talking to a person. Others can cause your body the pain or sensations they remember from their death. That is what happened with one of my clients. The loved one made me feel like someone took a bat to the back of my head and then made me sick to my stomach as I heard the word medicine. Another loved one showed me a hand movement she did all the time which was recognized immediately.
Also, remember your crossed over loved ones are busy on the other-side with their "other side life", so they do things they would have enjoyed here in this life.
Readings, I want to share that the cards "Spiritual Growth" and "Listening" came up most often for the day. Now this doesn't shock me too bad because we are in an energy shift right now, which can be causing everyone to question what they are doing or what they may believe in and search for what they are missing. Listening is a sign that “hey we your angels are listening to what you're saying and you need to practice listening to us as well”.
Reiki sessions were basically clearing chakras and balancing energy. So I want to take that and remind everyone to clear your chakras and don't forget to cut your cords during the day as you're feeling drained.
Ok back to the building and our ghosts. We didn't have the time I wanted to just sit and do a good investigation. But that night we went to go to bed and I felt like something was going to get active since I'd been pushing energy all day. So I put up extra protection and thought we're good with that... Well, no. I kept hearing music. I couldn't figure it out, as to where it was coming from and what kind it was. Then I felt like something was walking in the hall between the bedrooms. Now Stacey assured me Friday night that it never comes into the rooms it stays down stairs when people are renting the space. She has however seen a shadow or someone walk through while up there. She has also heard noses like banging in the back room of the unit we were in. But, she also said the unit we were in she always felt comfortable in and was never really bothered or felt like she should leave it. So, as I started to feel uneasy and I didn't know how much was just me, I figured I'd ask for guardian angels to guard the door and windows all night til morning. That made me feel a bit better so that my brain could shut off and I could sleep, but then tapping started and then I heard something like a book drop outside of our unit. I went out into the hall and to Stacey's room to ask if she heard what I did and she said no. So I went back to my room to sleep. In the morning I got up early and started to get ready to leave as Stacey came out of her room. She looked at me and said, “Did you get any sleep?” I did but not much. Then she asked if I was taking pictures last night in the living room after I had been to her room to ask her about the noise. “No I wasn't taking picture why?” Because she said she saw lights flash and thought it was the flash from my camera.
I was like, “Ok that's it what the crap is in here that shouldn't be?” So I took out the flashlight and the rods. I put the flashlight on a chair and turned it off so that it could turn it on to let me know it was there. I said, “Ok, I know you are in the apartment, could you please turn on the light or the TV as fast as you can. Or if that's too hard can you make this rod spin or knock on something. But again I don’t know how time moves on your side so do it as fast as you can.” After about a minute the rod started to spin so I got out the other rod. As I held the rods the ghost started to answer “yes” with them by crossing them and then uncrossing them so I could ask another question. I found out his name was Michael, he was an owner of the building at one time. He had a wife and a son. I asked, “Do you stay here because you like this place?” And he crossed the rods. He also said he liked that Stacey and her husband had done all the work on the building and saved it from being removed. I also asked him if he was ok with me being there, to which he said “yes”. And he said yes to me bringing my kids up this summer.
I told him when I come back we'd do a bigger session and I was sorry but I had to get going because of the storm that was moving in.
Stacey thought the entire session was cool and I think she might get some rods and a recorder of her own.
So I hope you enjoyed the story and the pictures. The New Moon is the 13th so what is it you should do?
Blessings All,
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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