Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coffee with Savannah


Well hey there everyone!

Welcome to Coffee with…well me! With the start of the New Year I decided I needed to get back to doing some blogging on my own blog. Life got in the way a lot during the past seven months with personal things as well as my day jobs. So I really have to give a huge THANK YOU to Wendy Jackson who as you know does Mystic Monday every week, and to Robin Renee Ray for giving us all chills with her creepy “to be continued” story each Wednesday. Those two days are set in stone and will continue for as long as my girls are willing to help me out.

My plan for Tuesday is to talk about whatever comes to mind. Pretty scary hey? lol. A lot of topics come to mind so you’ll never know what to expect when you stop by each week. I know me and my besties talk about anything and everything over a good strong cup of coffee, and I figured I would build off of that. (Don’t worry girls, your secrets are safe with me) So one week I may be talking about relationships, sex, what women really want and the next rambling on about something that happened over the weekend. You may find me sharing a recipe or two, or venting about gosh knows what. Also feel free to leave a comment suggesting a topic for discussion. I’d also like to see this become interactive, where you all let me know what you’re thinking. That being said, please remember I am in no way an expert on anything, and I am not a counselor. Any and all things written here are simply my opinion or personal experience. So when disagreeing, debating or commenting please keep that in mind.

Today I’m going to re-post a story that happened while doing one of my favorite summertime things…going to rummage sales! Honestly, it’s one of those little surprise life moments that stays with you forever, and this one certainly has for me.

Paper Puppies For Sale

As some of you know one of my favorite summer past times is going to rummage sales. It’s not really that I need a lot of things, it’s just something I remember doing as a young child with my grandparents and my mom. I guess I just grew to love it. I’ve also now passed this trait on to my own children, lol.

One Saturday a few years back, a little town called Fairwater was holding their "city wide" rummage sale. Now, Fairwater has a population of about 350 people (I noticed the sign as we got there, lol) After the rain had stopped about noon time, Rick and I decided to take a ride and see what kind of bargains and treasures I could find.

I should mention, that we only came across about a half a dozen rummages. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the rain, or the fact that the town was so small. It didn't matter though, I was on a mission for the best bargain I could possibly find! The third rummage sale we stopped at was at a really nice little ranch style home. There was an attached garage which was where all the bargains were displayed that were being sold.

I walked in and there was a woman, an older woman (I’m assuming her mother) sitting next to her and a little girl. I started scoping out the first table, but wasn’t really seeing anything that was of interest to me. As I started scanning the other tables I saw that the little girl, who was maybe 7 or 8 years old, had her own "personal" table set up with something to sell. As I got closer, I could see this little girl who was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, start to look a little anxious. Upon a much closer inspection, I could see she had a little Tupperware bowl filled with different colored pieces of paper......ahhhhhhh.....the "papers" were actually Puppies...Origami puppies! 

Now, this adorable little girl was smiling from ear to ear, so I asked her if she had made all those puppies herself. With a huge smile of pride she informed me, she had indeed. From another table not too far away, mom and grandma were watching me and grinning.

I remarked back to the young sales lady just how cute they were and how it must have taken her a long time to make all of them. Her response was simply a shy little giggle. The sign on the front of the Tupperware container said "2 for 5 cents". Being the ever thrifty rummager that I am, I know a deal when I see one!!! This beautiful little girl was so nervous, she was wringing her hands, but that smile on her face was huge and the hopeful look of making a sale was evident in her eyes. "Well young lady, I would like 2 puppies please" I told her. OMG! The look of pure happiness and delight on that little angle’s face just made my whole day! She very "professionally" asked me which color puppies I would like. I was enjoying this way too much and told her she could pick the colors for me. 

Mom and grandma were smiling ear to ear now too. As my young sales lady was digging around in the rainbow of paper puppies, she didn’t notice her mother silently mouth to me, "Thank You" or me simply winking back at her. I’m not sure who was prouder, mom or grandma.

The little girl then informed me that she had found the perfect paper puppies for me to purchase. One was yellow and the other was pink. "They are perfect!" I said. "I would have chosen those exact puppies myself!" Again, this little girl was damn near beside herself with happiness.

I went into my wallet and got out a quarter. As she started to fumble around in her little container for change, I told her too keep the whole quarter, that she obviously worked very hard on all those puppies and deserved the entire 25 cents!

The look on the young girls face will be with me for a long, long time. She had made a sale! She was proud and happy. Her smile and the look in her eyes said it all. I told them all to have a wonderful day and walked out to the car with the wonderful little paper puppies in my hand.

I told Rick about my bargain for the day and gave him the yellow puppy. He too smiled as I retold the story to him.

I guess the point of my blog is this: No matter how small something may seem to you, it might mean the world to someone else. I’m sure there were a few people that day who over looked the paper puppies, maybe thinking they were silly and not worth much. Maybe we all need to take the time to see the simple things in life and the joy they can bring to another person if we just give them a few minutes of our time. Maybe we need to remember what it is like to see the world through a child’s eye’s, or maybe we just need remember, paper or pedigree shouldn’t really matter. Take time to make someone smile today...it will fill your heart so full of happiness and that in itself is a true blessing.

The picture above shows that little pink paper puppy is still taped where I can see it and see it often! It's my reminder that sometimes little things mean a lot to someone and that I'm able to make someone smile everyday and that it's not that hard to do :)

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  1. Good morning Savannah.
    This story really brought tears to my eyes! You said it exactly,...such a little thing as this paper puppy,could mean so much to someone. But its also the ripple effect because it not only made you happy,it mad the little girl happy, her mom and her grma happy.so that little act impacted 4 peoples lives! what a wonderful thing! I love this blog and hope to follow it forever.love having coffee with you..as I take a sip of my cup.So glad to have found such a wonderful friend like you !!!! I love garage sales too but I dont have any more room for the stuff I buy,lol. My whole family loves to check them out too..especially my grson Seth...who'd a thunk that an 11 yr old boy would like to shop with grma at them?lol, but its a good way for him to learn that you dont always need to buy things brand new in the store,and now knows "its new to him" from the sales. Cant wait to read more of these and hope that others will comment on these too cause thats what its all about..go get that cup of coffee and join us in the chat...have a lovely day now... Rose

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary! You know if more people would just take the time to notice the blessings we do receive each day instead of focusing on the "material" things they don't have, life would be so much better for us all! I will always be the girl who appreciates any gift I'm given...old or new has never mattered to me. The things I treasure are the "free" things in life...a unexpected call or visit from a friend, a text message that simply says "good morning" or a : ) Or my daughter sending me a pic of some cute thing my grandson did...THAT'S what life is all about!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...that meant the world to me too ; )