Monday, January 14, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
This weekend has given me a new lesson of Faith. We all have our Divine that we pray to or meet while in meditation. While I believe that God and Goddess, no matter what name we use for them, is one in the same. I do fall back on occasion to Mother Mary with whom I have been close to as a child. 
Now in my recent years with my studies and teachings of Nemeton Energy System, Reiki and finding my guides and communicating with crossed over loved ones, I have learned about Life Contracts and other agreements we make with people in our lives to fill that Life Contract and its lessons. I have also learned that when you seek a psychic for a reading that reading can change because of the free will we have as humans, and the choices we make because of that free will. When I find that things are not happening as I was told by my reader, I have to step back and have faith that all will work out according to Divine Timing or Divine Guidance. This for me continues to be a very hard lesson, for I am and always will be a “see, want, have” girl. I am not one for patience being born in the sign of Leo.

But this weekend, as I said, it’s time for me to fall back on my faith and seek my Divine and know all will work out as it should.
To answer a question brought to me by a reader, I will do my best to answer it, “How does a reading work and what if the outcome isn’t what was foretold? Does that mean the reading was totally wrong?”
When I read for a client, I start out by asking the Divine to help me work for the client’s highest good. Now, I tend not to sugar coat things and I do speak frankly so if you ever wish me to read for you, please know I will be brutally honest and tell you things you may not wish to hear, for your highest good. I will say this, I’ve never had to break any news which was not already prepared for or already in play.

So I usually have a client shuffle their choice of cards while they think of what it is they want guidance for. I ask them to keep the question to themselves until the end of the reading when we dig a little deeper into what it is they are seeking. We will go through the cards one by one and the meaning of the card. (I use angel cards) The cards are for the client’s benefit. I can read without them, but I find people like to have something in front of them to look at or focus on.

Now, I read and speak what I am told by your guides and can only tell you what they will allow from the point in time I am reading. A readings outcome can change because of the free will and choices that all involved have. All choices will eventually lead you back to the lesson you have in your life contract to learn. For that reason, I never try to read a time frame. Most readings I do are for the time immediately around the reading and the issue that is most important to the client at that time.
If I read that someone is going to change jobs, I can give the client a description of the job and an environment they will be working. Now when that job comes up it is all in the hands of the client and the choices made while finding a new job, or as to when to get out of a current job.

If someone wants to know about a person they are involved with in a romantic situation, I can only give information about the relationship as it is currently and the direction it is currently taking. If the client wants a way out I can see if there will be someone to help them through and about who they will settle down with. The client then has homework in the form of soul searching to figure out if the outcome is what they wish.

Faith comes into play while going through the lessons and the time you take to the get outcome. This lesson of patience is horrible for me because again, I’m not one to sit on my hands and wait for something to play out. I like to control what is going on in my life.
So on that note my friends, move forward by working on yourself and energy, and keeping your faith.

Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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