Monday, January 7, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All and Happy New Year!

To start the New Year off let’s get out our calendars and mark some dates shall we?

This Friday, January 11th is the New Moon. So that means what? Yep, time to clear out what isn’t for your highest good. Cut those cords. Release all negative energy in your life. This is also a great time for personal growth and healing.

Saturday January 26th is the Full Moon, so you should be Manifesting. Get out your paper, write out what it is you want and then burn it or do whatever ritual you do.

On January 21st the Celtic Tree month of Rowan begins if you are following your trees energy.

To start the new year let’s talk about your personal energy, or your aura.

Your challenge this week it to find a few minutes a day to work on your energy in meditation.

First, set up your space and shut off that phone.

Say your prayer of intent. Ask your angels and guides to help you see or feel where there are tears or holes in your aura that area allowing your energy to escape or seep out.

Then, I want you to concentrate on your breathing to get into your meditative state. If your mind wanders simply pull it back to your breathing. When you are ready visualize your body and your aura. Look at the energy around you. Do you see any tears or holes? If you do, hover your hands over the area or place your hands on the area. Then channel white light from the Universe down through your crown chakra, your third eye and your throat. Pull the white light down through to your heart chakra and watch it go into your arms and down through your fingers to the part of the body it needs to go to. Once there, see that area being filled by the universal white light. Once the white light fills the area to seal your aura watch it travel down the rest of your body and out your feet into mother earth. When it is grounded to mother earth, she will recycle it and give it back to the universe.

If you feel light headed afterwards, ground yourself well.

Keep your energy free of other peoples crap by cutting your cords regularly. I will be working on this as well this week only I’ll be using Nemeton Energy to heal.

I will also be trying to remember to cut cords this week while at work and at home. We are off to a new year and a new start! For me that means getting back to the basics, which means you guys get to do the basics with me. : )

Okay, so since we are starting this new year keeping our energy free and clear, I need help with subjects or areas you want to learn about so start typing the comments or simply email me at

Now, Friday~ DO NOT FORGET release all the crap energy that you’ve been dragging around with you. Let it go. Give anything that is causing you pain or worry to the angels and have them heal it for you.

Example: Guy or Girl problems; hold up your palm flat like you are holding something in it. Visualize the person sitting on your hand and then blow on your hand as you swipe with the other across your flat palm and say, “Angles, I give you ‘so and so’ for his/her and my highest good. I can no longer teach or learn from him/her so heal us both and bring us together in the future if it is to be.”

Blessings All,



Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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