Friday, February 22, 2013

Arrival of the Prophecy by Robin Renee Ray

Blurb ~

 Shape shifters have lived in chaos...for centuries, fighting clan against clan and breed versus breed. All Were-beings knew of the prophecy that spoke of the ‘ones’ who would come and bring peace to those who lived among the humans in secrecy and to those who lived under the thumb of an overbearing ruler.

Werewolf and clan leader Anthony meets the beautiful Sky Delaney and quickly realizes that she is the other half of his soul, his one true mate and the ‘one’ that can set the prophecy on its foretold path, only to find that she is a frail, pure...human.

Excerpt ~

The doorbell rang, coaxing Anthony out of the thoughts that he was having. Sky yelled out that she would get it and grabbed her purse. She answered the door thinking it was the pizza delivery, but started backing up, clinching her purse to her chest as soon as she saw that it wasn’t. Three tall men in expensive suits stood wearing looks of pure rage on their faces. Anthony set his cup on the coffee table and pulled Sky behind him.
“What are you doing here, Timothy?” Anthony asked in a serious tone, a tone that Sky hadn’t heard before.
“Tory told me of your findings and by the smell of this one,” he said pointing at Sky behind Anthony’s back. “You have already marked your claim.”
“This is none of your affair, so take your goons and go,” Anthony demanded in the form of an animalistic growl.
“If your decision affects the clan, you make it my business,” Timothy replied stepping closer to Anthony, showing his teeth as he spoke.
“I will challenge any wolf to the death that interferes with my decisions...even you my brother,” he growled stepping up to his brother’s chest, snapping his teeth that had started to elongate.
Sky couldn’t see Anthony’s face from where she stood, but she knew that something had changed by the way he sounded and the way he stood with his shoulders slightly hunched over. His back rose and fell in a different way; it was if he needed to take deeper, faster breaths. She looked down and saw his hands reform into the same shape that she had seen back at the house and became a true believer in what Anthony had been trying to tell her, at that very moment. His once human fingers now had three inch, black talon like claws and were twice as long. The bones morbidly snapped and popped as they transformed right before her eyes. Sky summoned every ounce of courage she had, placing her hand on Anthony’s back. She instantly felt him start to calm down. Timothy on the other hand, was being held by the two huge men that stood at his side.
“Don’t threaten me, Anthony, we aren’t children anymore and father isn’t here to pull me off of you,” Timothy said through clenched teeth, trying his best to pull away from the arms that firmly held him.
“You’re right, we aren’t children,” Anthony replied, standing straighter. He continued speaking with a calmer tone. “But, it was a promise, not a threat. I order you two to get him out of my sight, before I bring you both up on charges of conspiracy.”
 Both men bowed their heads in unison, then dragged a yelling, Timothy down the hallway away from Sky’s apartment. Anthony shut the door then put his head against it, with his claw like hand still on the knob. It wasn’t until he felt Sky’s hand on his back for the second time, that he released the knob and turned around. She wrapped her arms around his waist, while he wrapped his arms around her upper body and laid his head down on top of hers.
“What a dick,” Sky said, making her own observation. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you before. I thought you were going to wolf out all the way for a minute there.”
“I almost did. If you hadn’t put your hand on me, your apartment would need to be remodeled right now,” he replied, walking with her over to the couch.
“What did your brother mean when he said you already ‘marked your claim’?” Sky asked as they sat down together.
“He was talking about the mark on your leg,” he replied, thinking he might as well just tell her and get it over with. “You’re infected.”
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