Monday, February 25, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All.

Before we jump into the supernatural, I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my son Rory, Happy Birthday Rory! 

Reminder tonight is the Full Moon so you need to do your manifesting ritual! 

This week I’ve had a request to discuss ghosts or earthbound spirits. Let’s get started. Let’s clear up some terminology shall we.

A ghost or an earthbound spirit is a disembodied soul that remains in our world for one reason or another. Ghosts can take on different shapes such as orbs, mists, or change the temperature around them. Some are able to take the form of their former body. Ghosts can also manipulate things in this world.

Ghosts are not to be confused with crossed over loved ones. Ghosts have never crossed over. On the other hand, crossed over loved ones can visit. They can pop over and check on you when you need them or turn up when you least expect it. They are happy continuing with life on the other-side. Usually crossed over loved ones will contact you after they have had their life review and have hashed out everything they were supposed to learn during their life time on Earth. Once they have all that done they can pop over to visit or look in on you.

Residual energy is energy that has imprinted on an area. This energy does the same thing at the same time daily. Often it is related to an event that was traumatic in some way. Say you have a house with two stories and every night at 11 pm you hear footsteps walking across the house upstairs and you know there isn’t anyone up there. Every night you hear these footsteps at 11pm. Chances are you don’t have a ghost—you have residual energy in the house.

There are other types of haunting's such as poltergeist or demonic among others but, today we are going to focus just on Ghosts and haunted places.

Now, I am called to work with a paranormal group called Steven Point Paranormal Club out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The team goes into a house or public building and conducts an investigation that is scientifically based. I will be called in to walk through the property without the team and just the owner and my notebook and pen to see what I am able to pick up on as I tour the property. During these tours I do not go in prepared with information. I prefer to go in “Cold” not knowing anything other than the owner believes the property to be haunted. My part of this team is to pick up on what I can that is there for ghosts or energy and let the team know what areas I discovered to be haunted so they can have a chance at collecting better evidence and proving or disproving the existence of a ghost on the property.

Before I get started I want you to know what I take with me for equipment. I have a cannon camera that is about 5 years old. I take a mini mag light and a voice recorder. I also have a pair of rods. I find if I use things like the rods or the evp meters and other stuff the team uses my psychic IQ drops and I am not able to focus on the information coming to me as much as focused on the tools and getting them to go off or light up.

Okay I had some real good questions asked. Can a place that isn’t active become active?  Yes, I’ve had this experience more with public places than private but it can happen with private as well.

Public buildings have no boundaries as they are open to everyone. So then there is nothing to keep ghosts out, unlike with a private house there are things you can do to take ownership of the property and keep ghosts out. I know of buildings that have not had activity or reports of activity, yet all the sudden they have activity.

What explains this?  Well there could have been a resident ghost all along but maybe things have changed in the building and it now feels safe to come out and try to communicate or take over an area of the building.

A private house can all of a sudden have activity depending on what is being done around the property. Often times people are messing with things they have no clue about. Ouija boards are good at causing this kind of stuff to happen. Ouija boards are tools that you can use to make contact with the other side. The only problem is this is a lower vibration way of doing so and as such you attract ghosts or things of lower vibrations that are not always “nice’ for lack of a better word. Then all of a sudden after messing with an Ouija board you start experiencing activity in the home. A big misconception is that people just assume a place is haunted because someone died there. This is not always true. A place could be haunted because the ghost has a connection to the place. Say a person dies later in life and doesn’t cross over for one reason or another, then turns up at the house they were living at when they were a child but hadn’t lived there in years. It can happen.

Pets can also not cross over and be ghosts. Yes, really they can. I’ve been to places that have had the ghost of animals running around.

Once in a while if you are at a haunted property something can attach to you and follow you home. Most likely this won’t happen because whatever is haunting a property is connected to the property for one reason or another. But it has happened on occasion. I’ve had it happen once because of my own stupidity and forgot to protect myself.

Also when you are trying to communicate with a ghost set the boundaries. I am not one that likes to be touched. You’re more than welcome to drop a book near me, slam a door but no touching at all. Touching can turn to scratching or blood drawing. If you are okay with being touched on the arm or have them hold your hand spell it out, what you are okay with and what is a no-no with you. One girl I was out with on our team said you can touch me and I’m okay with scratching…I was like, “Whoa, hum NO.” There will be no scratching of anyone around me. You are inviting blood or harm to come to you by not putting a limit on it.

What do you do if you suspect your property has a ghost?  Well you can do three things.

1. You can try to deal with it yourself. Try communicating it and setting boundaries even asking it to leave.

2. You can call a paranormal group with a good reputation to come out and confirm things for you and see if they can figure out why the ghost is hanging around.

3. Call a priest. Now if things are being moved around or the ghost is mean or violent I suggest skipping 1 and 2 and going straight to 3, or calling someone who can get you a professional that can deal with it.

If you are attempting to communicate you can do so with a simple voice recorder and a camera. Take pictures of your area and see if any shadows, orbs or mist come up. Keep a voice recorder going as you ask questions as you walk through your area. Then go back and listen to it and see what answers come up after your questions. Before you do so I would say a little prayer for protection. I am a big on making sure your bases are covered and that you do so while being as safe as you can.

Have an amazing week and please feel free to ask questions.
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  1. Happy Birthday Rory!

    Thank you Wendy for this helpful blog :)

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  2. Happy Birthday Rory. :)
    Great info Wendy. I enjoy reading your blog. :)

  3. Hi Ladies, Thank you. The paranormal team is going out on a big investigation the second weekend in March. I am trying to work out my schedule to go along.
    Stay tuned for next week as we'll talk more about communicating with the other side.