Monday, February 11, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hi All,

Let’s get right to the calendar.

February 18th Celtic Tree month of the Ash begins.

February 25th is the Full Moon. Get manifesting! This is not only the time for manifesting but a time of coming into fulfillment.

I wanted to continue with the love theme we started last week. I read through last week’s blog to see where to start and well I’m at a loss. So let’s start with a story and go from there and see where we end up.

This weekend I was at an expo in Hartford. I got to talk to many interesting people who were interested in learning about Reiki and what it is and can do. I also had a session with a client who was having love issues. We uncovered a past life of her’s that she shared with a man she currently is dating. We were able to pin point what could have caused his behavior. We also talked about different ways to look at her relationship with this man and some choices she would have to make.

I am learning and continuing to learn about love and myself every day. So this week I’m going to propose some questions for you to think about and answer for yourself and well, maybe you can comment and answer a few for me as well.

Now, we talked last week about people always wanting to know about finding their Mr. or Mrs. Right. What if you are with your “right” in this moment? The person you are with is your “right” at this time. That person only becomes the ‘wrong’ one when you’ve outgrown that person or if you haven’t grown in the same direction together.

Remember we talked about manifesting and asking the universe to help you find your love? We also talked about “Being the person you want to attract.” So what is it you want to attract? How do you change to be the person you want to attract? I think my answer is to connect with your source. Whatever your higher power is, if you have no relationship at all or have no clue what it is you believe, maybe now is the time to figure that out and make peace with that relationship so you can be loved and know love, then seek love from someone else.

Have a great week. Happy Valentine’s Day!

And as always Blessings,


Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Thank you for checking Mystic Monday and my webpage out. I am currently trying to rework the website. Every Monday be sure to come back for different topics.
    Have a great day!

  2. Asking the universe...

    As usual you are speaking my language :)

    Stay awesome Wendy!
    P.S. I cannot wait to read your books!

  3. Great blog Wendy!I don't think you outgrow the "right" person, if you're lucky enough to find them. We just learn along the way if they were the one, or not. :) I believe in one true soul mate. Not sure where he is...but he's out there... right? lol
    <3 Hugs~
    Lyn Croft

  4. I can't wait to get the first book finished. We're almost there though. (I hope) lol.

    Lyn, I'm a believer in the soul mate myself. The one person who completes you and grows with you. :) Hugs Wendy