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To Be Continued...with Robin Renee Ray

When the Night Falls


Robin Renee Ray

**** Due to the graphic nature of Part 4, 
read at your own risk!****

Part Four

          After the rope was cut, Sam was lowered to the straw covered floor. Shortly after, John was laid next to him. Both boys were stripped clean of all clothing and Aunt Edna, a very large woman with silver hair she wore in a bun, began scrubbing them down. She had a bucket of water, a bar of homemade soap and a large scrub brush. She had wrapped a string around Sam’s stump of a thumb to stop the bleeding. Once she started scrubbing John’s legs and between them he began waking up.
          “What’s going on, where am I?”
          “Now, don’t you fret, Aunt Edna’s gonna take real good care of ya.”
          John rolled his head to the side. “Sam.” Then he tried to raise his head.
          “What’s wrong with me?” he asked, trying to lift his arm.
          “Just gave ya a little laudanum to keep ya comfortable. Couldn’t get ya to swallow so I had to tube ya.”
          Sam raised his hand enough to touch his side, then move his hand over his stomach until he felt a sharp pain when he hit an object sticking out of his flesh. “Oh, don’t worry yourself. It’s just a little thing I had to stick in ya to give ya the meds. Best be fer takin’ my word. Better to have that pain killer, than to not.” He went to raise his head and yelled out as Aunt Edna grabbed his testicles and yanked them down, and with one swift slice removed them from his body.
          “Leave him be,” John said as loud as his weak body would allow. “Sam!”
          “I don’t reckon he can hear ya, but you just relax, I’ll be with ya shortly,” Aunt Edna replied. “Once I get this one ready, Teddy’ll be in to fetch him and I’ll take care of you.” She then smiled a rotten toothed grin and patted his nude hip.
          “Why are ya doin’ this? You people are sick. Devils.”
          The small door on the barn opened and a beast of a man had to bend down to step in. He was at least six foot ten and three hundred plus pounds. He looked down at the two young men on the ground and then over at his wife, Aunt Edna, and grunted. “Well, don’t just stand there Teddy, get that one up on the table. We won’t need him tonight.” Teddy took the few steps and leaned down and lifted John like he was a small child and gently laid him on the wooden table by the wall.
          “Help me. Please, you have to help me,” John pleaded, but the large man just turned and walked away.
          “I’m almost finished gettin’ this one ready, then you can pull him back up so I can clean out his inner’s.” Aunt Edna took a bar of soap and lathered up the hair around what was left of Sam’s private area, then picked up a straight razor and removed all the hair along with the bloody foam around his penis. Afterwards she took the same sharp blade in one hand and his ‘growing’ in the other and chopped it off, adding it to the pot beside her to join his testicles.
          John tried to see what was going on through his tear filled eyes. He moaned and cried out loud, begging them to stop harming his brother but neither even as much as glanced his way. He watched as the overweight woman cut off Sam’s fingers, then throwing them into the pot like she was cleaning some kind of farm animal. Every so often he would see her stick her fingers in her mouth, just as old man Kenney had done before he had left.
          “Okay hon, go ahead and pull the rope.”
          “Please, stop before you kill him,” Sam sobbed, rolling to his side.
          Aunt Edna walked over to John as Teddy pulled the rope until Sam hung freely upside down, blood pouring from the wounds she had made. “Sorry son, he’s too far gone to help him now,” she turned and looked back. “Are ya lame? Get that bucket under there or you’ll lose it all.” Then she turned back to John. “Ya got to understand that my brother just wants the land to stay at peace. You folks came in and cursed what’s across that creek and not even the critters will come within ten miles of the place. We have to feed the family, surely you can understand that.”
          “You’ll burn in hell for this,” John shook his head as he spoke. “You’ll all burn for this madness.”
          “Could be, but will make it a bit longer ‘cause you and that young man didn’t heed the warning. And if Ed has anything to do with it, we’ll be makin’ it all winter, once the last of those town folk are good and dead.” Teddy grunted and Aunt Edna looked at him. “All right, I know you’re hungry. Go tell Sarah to fetch some water and tell Milly to get the stove a goin’”
          With that said Teddy took off and left Aunt Edna to do what she did best. The first thing she did was take out a brown bottle from her pocket and took the lid off. She then lifted the tube that was going into John’s stomach and poured some of the thick dark liquid down it. Afterwards she put the lid on and then walked over and picked up the ladle that was in a wooden water bucket and then walked back over and poured water down the tube. “Best make sure you get it all in your tummy,” she smiled down at John in a loving manner. “This’ll help ya sleep and take care of any aches ya may have.”
          “Go to hell you crazy bitch.”
          “If’n I were you, I wouldn’t let Teddy hear you speak to me like that. He might just do more harm than ya want.” Aunt Edna squinted her eyes then turned her attention to Sam who was gurgling as the air in his lungs pushed past the blood that had filled his nose and mouth.
          Looking down at the several blades that laid on the table by the pot with Sam’s outer organs in it, Aunt Edna picked up the one that had a slight curve with a razor’s edge and bone handle. She leaned down and picked up the same ladle that she had poured water through the tube in John’s stomach and began cleaning the straw off of Sam’s legs, buttocks and back. Once she made sure his front was clean from any straw she placed the blade where his manhood used to be and shoved it in several inches.
          With a few jerks, Aunt Edna had the blade moving smoothly though Sam’s flesh. Once she reached the bottom of his ribcage she pulled the blade out then slid it back into the opening where his belly button was and where the tube had been and sliced him a few inches toward his left side, then repeated the same on his right. Making the opening on his stomach look like a warped cross of sorts.
          John’s eyes were getting heavy and he tried to cry out as the large evil woman rammed the blade into his brother. He gaged as she shoved her hand inside his abdomen and began removing his brother’s intestines. John coughed and liquid shot out of the tube in his stomach, causing Aunt Edna to take notice and stop what she was doing to go over and put the plug back in the end of the tube. “Can’t believe I forgot that. Gonna be a bit messy but don’t reckon that matters now does it?” John turned his head as she spoke and touched the top of his head with a blood coated hand.

To be Continued…

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