Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blood and Lilies ~ Interview

This Friday, March 1st Hellfire Publishing will release Blood and Lilies by Lyn Croft. Please sit back and enjoy the little pre-release interview Lyn conducted with a couple of her characters in the story…

Ever want to meet a vampire? Well guess what? You’re in luck; we actually have two vampires here today giving Lyn Croft the news on Halflings, demon dogs and evil queens! Enjoy …

Lyn: Hello everyone! Today I’d like to welcome two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world—Celeste and Estelle. They are the hot Vamp Twins from my book Blood and Lilies – Bloodlines. I’m so glad the two of you could join me today!

Estelle: Yeah, yeah. Can we hurry this along? We have something better to do.

Lyn: Oh. Ok… Well, I see we’re a bit moody today. May I ask why?

Celeste: We’re hungry and we were told… sadly, not to eat you. Pointless, I say.

Estelle: Savannah did say during the interview we couldn’t. But she didn’t say anything about after… ;)

Lyn: Oh my... Um…Well, I’m glad the two of you are here today. I’m dying to get to know you better.

Estelle: Oh, you’ll be dying alright. Ha!

Celeste: Now sis, let’s let Lyn here do her thing. It’s not every day we get some exposure. You never know. That agent we’ve been stalking may see this interview… Don’t ruin this for me, ‘k?

Estelle: Fine, let’s be on with it.

Lyn: Ahem, ok. Well, I see you two are twins.

Estelle: Duh?

Lyn: May I ask who’s the oldest?

Celeste: Well by mortal birth, that would be me. But our rebirth—

Estelle: That’d be me! Ha-ha, I’m older now…

Lyn: How long have the two of you been vampyres?

Estelle: Longer than you’ve been alive. Next …

Celeste: Geeze! Bitch much? Lyn, don’t mind her. You know how grumpy she can get.

Lyn: Yes, yes. I know. So, you two are quite the duo in Blood and Lilies. What’s your story?

Estelle: Well, see…there’s this annoying little twit named Cara. She’s supposed to be super special or something.

Celeste: Yeah, Zillah wants her, and wants her real bad!

Lyn: Can you tell us about Zillah?

Celeste: She’s the queen B. You know, the big boss of us all. But we’re gonna show her.

Lyn: Oh, I see. So, do the two of you have a plan?

Estelle: Yeah, but that’s none of your business. Not unless you can help us get our claws dug deep into Cara’s face. She’s so overdue for a facial.

Lyn: I’m sensing some animosity towards Cara. What’s the scoop?

Celeste: She’s got these stupid creatures called Halflings watching over her. You know—the offspring of the Nephilim. They like to believe they are good, when in fact the same demon blood runs through their veins. Just like us. They are so NOT better than us.

Lyn: But they don’t drink human blood or kill humans. They’re not vampires like you. So in my world, they are better…

Estelle: Hmph, if you only knew.

Lyn: What’s that supposed to mean? Care to go into more depth?

Estelle: Not really. Are we done yet?

Lyn: Um, no. So…Vampires, Nephilim, and Halflings— what else is there that I should know about?

Celeste: Oh! Don’t forget about the Demon Dogs! Best to stay away from those things, they’re big, and not very cuddly.

Lyn: Yeah… well… you don’t seem so cuddly yourself.

Celeste: Excuse me?

Lyn: Never mind…So, do you know why the Halflings are protecting Cara? From what I hear, they’ve given you a pretty good run around so far.

Estelle: Does it matter? All I know is that girl is my next meal. Well, okay … maybe after you being my next meal. But she’s toast.

Celeste: Sis, you know they aint gonna let us anywhere near her. And Zillah said—

Estelle: Shut up! God, I can’t take you anywhere.

Lyn: What did Zillah say?

Estelle: None of your business, mortal. Next!

Lyn: Well. I can see I’m gaining great distance with the two of you. This is so much fun.

Celeste: Sorry, Lyn. Hunger, remember? We’ve been gunning for Cara, but no luck so far. Besides getting our butts beat pretty good.

Lyn: Understandable. So, what is it you’re going to do with her? Well… besides have her over for “dinner”.

Celeste: Well, legend has it that she carries some special bloodline. Like her dad was a high level angel or something. I think it gives demons super immortality or something. We plan to get her first and find out. Then we can be the queen B’s, if you know what I mean… ;)

Estelle: Dude! Shut up. Why do you always have to give away too much? Can you seriously please plug up that air leak in your head? It’s called your mouth!

Celeste: Whatever. Like she doesn’t already know! Duh!

Estelle: Yeah, but hello??? What about the others who don’t. You so don’t understand being secretive. Do you?

Lyn: Ahem, ok you too. Well, before tempers flare any further, can I just say what an honor it is to finally meet you in person? You too are exactly the way I imagined, except maybe even more stunning in person.

Estelle: Yep. We know. Are you done now with your “questions”?

Lyn: Well, I guess I can be... Did you have anything else to add?

Celeste & Estelle: Nah, except that it’s dinner time!

Lyn: Crap! Good thing I have those Halflings on standby… Eamon! Seamus! Shannon! It’s time!

Celeste & Estelle:  Oh….  Not good…

Anyone who leaves a comment here or on Lyn’s Facebook page will get the secret scavenger list for the final round on Wednesday. Good Luck!


Be sure to stop back this Friday, March 1st for more details about the release of “Blood and Lilies” the first in the Bloodlines series written by Lyn Croft.


  1. Sounds awesome... Can't wait to read it... Wishing you the best of luck on your release...~ Anna

    1. Just so you know my name on Twitter and Google is Anna Black... ;) ~Anna Roudenbush

  2. Sounds great! Looking forward to reading it! :)

  3. Great interview Lyn. That was so much fun! Big Hugs :)

  4. Thank you Robin and Julanne! <3 Big hugs to everyone. <3