Monday, March 4, 2013

Mystic Monday

Good Morning All!

Okay let’s knock out some dates and some information I learned this week pertaining to the moon and the phases.
March 11th is the New Moon. What does that mean? You need to be doing a letting go ritual. This is a night where you make a list of all the things that Do Not Serve your highest good.

Now here is what I was recently told by my healer and I was like, “Wow! Dah, why didn’t I see that?” If you are doing a manifesting ritual on the full moon you should balance your energy by doing a cleansing or letting go ritual at the new moon. Trust me on this you will feel better. I’ll be doing this on the 11th. It also amazes me as to how in-tune our own energy becomes with Mother Earth and the Moon when you start working with manifesting. So don’t be shocked if you feel yourself changing.

So now that we have that out of the way let’s get on with the blog.
Today we are going to continue with communicating with the other side. I had some good questions come up last week and wanted to address them.
Always take communicating with the other side seriously. I know as teenagers we like to do séances and play around with ‘light as a feather’, okay I never did, but it’s dangerous. Here are some tips to keep you safe…

I would set up with playing some soft instrumental music, just because it keeps the mood lighter for me. Then I would have a candle or two. I’m hearing white, black and gold are good. Okay now you’re asking why black isn’t that bad?  No, Black is a great protection color so you’ll want to include it. Gold and White are associated with God or Goddess, higher energies. Again they are protection. If having a Bible close makes you more comfortable then do so. I am all about protecting and setting up the room so that lower energy cannot come through so I may overdo it, but better safe than sorry. Okay now you may want to burn sage before you start to clear out the room. I also suggest burning it after and smudging yourself with it.

The most important thing is to set a prayer of intent and word your questions specifically. If you want to communicate with your crossed over grandma and you are doing it in a séance with family, make sure you set a prayer of intent. It should go a little something like this: Have the family sit around a table and hold hands. You can light candles around the room or table. A small mag light can be helpful  to help communicate. I twist the light so that it is almost on. It makes it easier for the spirit to manipulate.

Now you don’t all have to hold hands. But say your prayer. Dear God we are gathered together tonight to communicate with (Full Name). Archangel Michael please keep us protected from any energy that is not for our highest good. Guides please only let communication happen if it is for our highest good, keep all lower energies out of our home. If (name) is with us could you tap or turn the light on, now we don’t know how time is on your side so you need to do it as fast as you can. Then wait. Have one person be in charge. It’s been my experience if you don’t have one person in charge of questions, then people start asking questions one after another and nobody knows what is being answered.
Once the light goes on or the tap happens ask by name for that person to do it again so that you know they are in control of the method of communicating they are using. If they are tapping ask for (name) to tap again because you want to make sure it’s her or him. Same with the flashlight. Then you can ask grandma or grandpa or who you want to talk to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.
Now if someone that you are not connected to comes through and intends harm you need to ask Archangel Michael and the guides to take them out of your home and make it so they cannot re-enter. However, I have not experienced anything not wanted getting through if you set the intent as such. Keep your questions specific. You do not want to say something like. ‘If someone or a spirit is here could you knock or give us as sign.” Why? First off you have no clue who that someone is. You’ve now just invited anyone in. Suckola, right? Now what? Well you’re going to have to figure out what that spirit wants. Try to trip it up so that you can tell if it is lying to you if you feel it is a harmful or negative spirit. Ask the same question a few different ways and see if the answer is the same. Keep your cool and stay in control. Do not just snuff out candles and walk away because it will stay and it could bring harm. You are going to have to ask Archangel Michael to help by bringing down a force of guardian angels to help take away this negative entity. Wait a few minutes and focus on the room. The energy will shift. You should feel the room change.

When I start a session with a client or clients in a home, I always tell the guides to only let that which is for our highest good to come through to communicate. I say something like guides and angels my intent is to communicate with who is here or wants to communicate only if it is for our highest good. That means if anyone is here on the other-side that is connected to this house or these people and wants to communicate we will if it is for our highest good. Then I usually speak to the house and say if there is anyone here that wants to communicate we would like to however there are rules, you may not touch me, you may not come home with me….and I have a list of rules. If I’m using a tool like a flashlight and recorder, I explain what they are and how they can be used. I also say something like you and I can have a conversation because I can pick up on your style of communicating but the people here with me cannot, so if you could turn the flashlight on that would let them know you are here. Now I will get specific with names or people depending on who it is the client wants to contact.

Ending a Session
Thank everyone for their assistance and cooperation. So, ‘Thank you grandma or the name of the person for coming through. Thank you Archangel Michael, guides and angels for your assistance. Thank you, God for blessing us with this session.” However you want to word your thank you.

Then you can close the session by blowing out candles and lighting your sage to clear out the room by smudging the room. When you do so leave a window open so that if there is any thing around it can escape through the window.

If you have never done something like this then I suggest calling a medium out. If you think you have a ghost attached to your house, I’d call a paranormal team or a psychic/medium to investigate and then go from there as to how to get it to cross over or be removed.
If your teenagers have been messing around and invited something in, then I’d again call someone in to deal with it. Sage and palo santo can calm it down for a while but it may not solve the problem.

Hauntings are usually ghosts that are attached to a place because it was familiar to them when they were living. If you can communicate and explain to the ghost about the light and how the house or building is yours, then they will cross over or live with you in some kind of peace but set boundaries. Every situation is different and needs to be handled differently.

Any questions, please ask. I will do my best to answer or find answers for you.
I do work with the Stevens Point Paranormal Club, they do investigations free of charge. If you are in Wisconsin and need help SPPC will travel but may ask for a donation to cover gasoline. They do a great job presenting the facts and giving an amazingly detailed presentation. will get you to the site and Freddy is the leader of the group. or will take you to my site. I will travel and we can talk over the phone or Skype if you need help. Readings can be done over the phone, Facebook or email and Skype. Intuitive Reiki Sessions can be done over distance. I am always taking students via distance learning so please ask if you’d like to learn. I’m always willing to teach what I know.

Blessings All,

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