Monday, April 22, 2013

Mystic Monday


Today is Earth Day! So get out there and do something good for Mother Earth. It could be something as simple as just taking a minute to send her love and light, or healing energy.

Thursday is the Full Moon. So get manifesting. Remember write down everything you want and exactly how you want it and then burn it to release your intent to the universe. The full moon is the most powerful night to get this done.

I want to let you all know that if you want to learn Reiki or Nemeton Energy System I am always taking students via distance. I will also come and teach a class in your home if you can get together a few friends. I also have Skype so I can do readings via Skype or email if anyone is interested.

Ok let’s jump into this Mystic Monday and what to work on.

This week I want to start working on the mind, body and spirit connection. We’ve started to work on self-healings and meditations. Today I want to help you set up your happy space to meet your guides and just a place you can go to where you can heal and take note of things that are going on in your life.

So I want you to set up your space for meditation. Dim the lights, shut off your phone and do whatever you do to get comfortable to do your meditative work.

Set your prayer of intent. You want to say something to the effect that you’d like to meet your main guide and set up a place that you can go to and know your guides will meet you there.

Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each out breath let all your stress and problems go and become relaxed. Focus on your breathing and thoughts that are not related to setting up your place of inner sanctuary let them go and bring yourself  back to setting up your place.

Now I want you to put yourself in a meadow. It’s a warm summer day, the sun is shining there is a gentle breeze to keep you from being too hot. You can smell the flowers and hear birds singing in the distance. Look around and start walking. This is where you can get creative. My meadow leads to an old camp area sometimes where there is a camp fire and a tree line where my guides can walk out of. Sometimes a horse comes out to take me to my guides. Sometimes I am at the base of a waterfall sitting on some rocks waiting to talk to whoever I need to. This is your area. You are creating it and making it safe for you to work.

Once you find yourself in the area you need to be, I want you to just sit a bit and take note of your body. How is your energy level? Your chakras? Are there any areas that need to be worked on? Call in your guide or guides and ask them for help in healing these areas. It’s amazing what they will teach you. When you feel you are done. Thank your guides for their assistance. Slowly bring yourself  back to your body by focusing on your breathing and then stretching. Feel your toes and your hands. Once you are fully back, take note of the work you did and what guides came to your aide. Remember you can access this space any time you want and call on your guides any time you want and they will help.

Have an amazing week. Keep up the good work.

Blessings All,

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