Monday, April 29, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hello All,

Time to start off as always with some dates : )

Wednesday May 1st is Beltane! 
So let’s talk about Beltane a little bit shall we? Beltane was once the mark of the beginning of summer. It is a time such as with Halloween that the veils between the worlds are thin again. This is a time to celebrate fertility. Men and women coming together, fertility of the earth, and protecting the crops and animals were celebrated on this day. Bonfires, celebrations and maypoles were traditions on this night. There is a great article at on Beltane if you are interested in checking it out.

With all that said, let’s talk outside and warm weather that I hope we are finally getting to in the Midwest!

Now that it is warming up and we are getting outside it’s a great time to get back in contact with Mother Nature. We have been talking about self-healings and what better way to self-heal than to invite mother earth to help out. When taking a walk in the woods be aware of how you are feeling. Trees are amazing partners in crime, so to speak, for helping you balance your energy and give back a little to the planet. You can get into a semi meditative state and either be near a tree or ask the tree (yes, I know corny as it sounds, but do it) if you can put your hands on the trunk and share healing with the tree. The tree will help you ground your unwanted energy to mother earth and help you feel at peace and focused. The Nemeton Energy System is all about using trees, rocks and other plants to help you maintain wellness so it’s not all that far-fetched to see me walking around trees with my palms out skimming leaves and branches as I walk to share energy.
You may even get the sense you are being followed and you just may be with any number of nature spirits that roam the forest and trails. They will do you no harm, at first just be aware of them and then as you are out more you can have open communications with them. Flower gardens in your yard and plants throughout your home will also help you make connections to mother earth and all the spirits that live within nature.

Meditating outside is always better, at least for me. There is nothing like the warmth of the sun beating down as you slip into your “happy” place to meet your guides. I sometimes use the music on my iphone as I meditate outside in the yard to block out all the street noise that is around. When I’m out on the hiking trails I’m busy letting my mind go and listening to all the sounds of the woods around me. I love hiking the state parks to walk out among the trees all summer and mentally check out.

We will be talking more of nature and healings outside and also nature spirits next time.

If you would like to learn Nemeton Energy System and join our Facebook group please email me at In June I will be offering a weekend Reiki Class in Shell Lake, WI. More information will be coming. We will also touch on animal Reiki during this class.

Blessings all and Happy Beltane!




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