Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Internet = Your Lucky Day!

Well it’s happened once again, Robin Renee Ray is without internet and wasn’t able to send the next part in “When the Night Falls”. Robin feels terrible about this and in order to make it up to her loyal fans and followers, or those of you who are just learning about her writing, Robin has asked that I post this for her…

The first 5 people to leave a comment right here on Hugs & Nightmares will win a free eBook copy of Bloodbreeders: Seeking Others. AND Robin has also said that if you don’t have the first 2 eBooks in the series, Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness and Bloodbreeders: The Revenge, tell her and she would be happy to send you all 3 eBook copies!

So leave your comment now and be sure to leave your email address as well. As soon as she has her internet up and running she will contact you.

Many things had come to pass long before our journey began, and we knew the time had come to seek for others. The wicked ways of the Bloodbreeders had to be stopped even if it meant that we would breathe our last breath in our efforts to make that happen. For centuries many had endured unspeakable acts and heinous torture at the hands of those they were forced to call “Master”. I was not one who could sit by and watch it continue. Not if I could do something to bring this madness down. Abducted myself, not long after I was brought into this world of darkness, I fortunately fared better than most and did not witness years of abuse as the others had and used that to my advantage. Now I had gathered a small group who would follow me into hell itself to see the Bloodbreeder world change and change for the good of all. Even if it meant we had to travel the world killing the wicked to set the innocent free…no matter who may die along the way.

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although the things they sought were not always unheard of in the 1930’s in other parts of the world, life was just too harsh in the small Texas community, to pay mind to anything other than raising a healthy crop to ensure the survival of one’s family. But late one evening during supper, a stranger comes knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house and is invited inside.

It doesn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even contemplate. The dark of night takes on a whole new meaning, and the once vulnerable young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demands she live forever in darkness.

Renee thought she had gone through the worse nightmare that any being could possibly dream up; little did she know that her adventure had just begun. Her intentions were to go back to Cuba and fulfill a promise made to the two that helped her escape the unbelievable hell that had become her life from the days of loving care back on the farm.

What she finds changes her destiny and places her path on one that was only found in the mind and tales of the ancient profits. Of course, the question remains, will she be able to fulfill the needs that have taken hold of what little heart she had left? Can the faith of a country girl with the help of those who would follow her into hell itself be enough, or will they find themselves in a situation that they cannot get out of?

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Arrival of the Prophecy.

Shape-shifters have lived in chaos...for centuries, fighting clan against clan and breed killing breed. All Were-beings knew of the prophecy that spoke of the ‘ones’ who would come and bring peace to those who lived among the humans in secrecy and to those who lived under the thumb of an overbearing ruler.

Werewolf and clan leader Anthony Michelle meets the beautiful Sky Delaney and quickly realizes that she carries the other half of his soul, his one true mate and the ‘one’ that can set the prophecy on its foretold path, only to find that she is a frail, pure...human.

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Day after monotonous day, Jen went about her daily routine as a blue collar robot until one day she was bitten by a She-demon risen from the darkest depths of Hell. Dazzled by her new found evening activities, she comes to find that there is always a catch…she must take the life of innocents as well as the scumbags of the earth, then and only then, would she become the Right-Hand Demon to her new Queen. But will the strands of her humanity keep her caught between the two worlds forever? Or will she become one of the earth’s most powerful, feared beings…after hours?

Hell had no idea what kind of creature it held, until she found a way to escape its fiery grip. Jade had taken her fill of being the hand-madden to the keeper of hell, finding herself in the bed of his son to steal the secrets that would set her free. Now on the run from the Grim Reaper, she gains her strength from the flesh and blood of the day walkers. It’s one of those very beings that she takes compassion on that puts her on a different walk that could very well place her on a path that no blood demon would follow. 

The Toodlegnomes lived in peace without worry of the outside world and the many dangers that came with it for many years. That is until the dreaded Bumble Bee Dragons were ordered by their evil Queen to sneak in and steal the Crystals that gave life to the Toodlegnome village. All felt their way of life was lost…all but the bravest of the small forest dwellers. Maggie Galestone and her best friend Maxine Thornbread were ordered to leave the village, because all feared their overly brave ways would cause all to pay with a war they felt could not be won. The two little Toodlegnomes begin an adventure that takes them into uncharted territory filled with dangers of forbidden forest, they come upon creatures, which are happy to help them in their quest and some who would like to cause them harm. Few give much hope that either will ever be seen again...

Thank you all who take the time to read my stories, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know 
~Big Hugs~ Robin Renee Ray

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