Monday, June 3, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hi All,

Let’s get some dates out of the way and then get into this week’s topic.

June 8th is the New Moon you know what that means. It is time to release all the crap that is dragging you down and not for your highest good. Which kind of goes along with what we’re going to talk about today.

We’ve all had relationships in our lives end. Whether the relationship is a romantic one or a friendship, every one of us has experienced a relationship that has gone sour and has ended. Sometimes it is overly hard to let go. Why is this? Well, it all goes back to those dang life lessons and contracts. Have you ever met someone and dated and known within a short time that you just belonged together? The two of you spend a long time getting to know each other and after sometime the relationship ends for one reason or another. You’re left with this empty feeling and know you should move forward, your brain knows you should move forward, but your heart is still wrapped into it and at some point figures out it should catch up with your brain. Or, you and a friend are so close that you feel like you’re family and then one day something stupid happens, you fight, and then stop talking. Welcome to past life lessons (karma that you have with that person) coming up in your current life. What do you do about it to make the grieving of the ended relationship better?

First, let yourself grieve if you need to. It’s ok to have a good cry or go tie one on or both if need be.
Second, after the headache from doing one of the “firsts” or both, it’s time to start clearing your energy. Light your candle, turn on some soothing music, and get comfortable. When you say your prayer of intent, ask that you have assistance clearing your energy. You can ask Archangel Michael to sever all cords, bonds that you have with this person through all space and time. Remember when you are done to thank him for his assistance. Start cutting your cords throughout the day until you start feeling better.

Once you’ve cleared your energy it’s time to start the hard homework. This can take a few sessions but it will help. If you are finding you are having a hard time focusing or doing the work yourself, you may need to see an intuitive healer or Reiki practitioner for help. This week is the perfect time to be doing all this heavy releasing since the New Moon is Saturday, and that is the night that is most powerful for getting rid of stuff that is no longer for your highest good.

Next, if you are interested in learning the connection you have with this person you may want to do some past life work and uncover the lifetime or the lifetimes you’ve repeated with this person and the lesson that the two of you are working on.

The Hall of Records is where life contracts are kept. This is where you can go with your guides to review your contracts, and if you are in one with someone, rewrite it if that person is no longer serving your highest good. Now, I have a difficult time with the entire process of Akashic Records and the meditations to get there. So I learned a few short-cuts to help shake a person who may not be for my highest good any longer, or the person who I’ve ended a relationship with. Now you may have to repeat this a few times.

After a long term relationship of sorts I had ended I had to do the following. The person I was involved with and I had a past life tie. So first I had to come to terms with the relationship’s end. Then I did a meditation asking Archangel Michael to sever all cords and bonds across all space and time. Then, I also said to the Universe that I was releasing any and all vows, promises, and contracts with this person across all space and time. I wanted to do the White Room meditation (we’ve talked about earlier this year) and beat the snot out of the person, but a healer friend of mine said it would be better to have a talk with the person’s higher self to say good bye. So this is what I did to let it all go in a more peaceful way.

I set my prayer of intent to rewrite our contract. I saw myself and my guides enter the place where my contract was signed. I asked that the contract between me and this person be burned and all ties, bonds and vows severed and forgiven. I looked at my guide and said I got it, I’ve learned, and know he’s chosen to go so it’s my turn to make sure it’s done and it will not be rewritten again in this life. So I took a parchment and quill and wrote: I…(full name) am releasing …(his full name) from any contracts in this life or any other that we contracted with to teach or learn from each other. Then I signed it and gave it to my guide. I then thanked the guides for their assistance and thanked him for the lesson he taught me this time around.

The next meditation I did I wanted to talk to his higher self and guides. I set my prayer of intent to the God and Goddess to talk to his higher self and guides with my guides being present. I got into a meditative state and saw my guides and the three of us walked out to meet him, and his. I saw myself walk up to him and stand a few feet from him and tell him everything I did not like that had happened between us and how he handled some things, and most importantly how much his actions had hurt me. I looked at him and said ‘never again’, turned, and walked away with my guides. I thanked the guides for the assistance and felt much better. I did finish by smudging to take away any extra energy.

Now, another thing you can do is release the person on the night of the New Moon. Write everything that person did that was hurtful or unacceptable on a piece of paper. Under the New Moon, go out and burn the paper and then scatter the ashes on the ground to release it back to Mother Earth. You can get as elaborate as you want in a ritual or just keep it simple and burn your paper.

One thing I should say is acknowledge the good times with this person and thank them for all the blessings and happiness they did bring into your life. Then just release them for both of your highest good. The angels will help you, just ask.

If you have any questions please ask.

I have finished my book and compiled some of the Mystic Monday blogs to include in the book. If you have a favorite Mystic Monday that you would like included in the book, please email or post and let me know the date of the blog was posted. Savannah and I will be sure to include any request in the book.

In July I will be holding a Reiki class in Shell Lake, WI. Look for more information to come or check on the webpage by the end of this week.
Blessings All,

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