Monday, May 20, 2013

Mystic Monday

May 25th is the Full Moon. Make sure to do your manifesting ritual!

This week, let’s talk about stones. I use a lot of stones in Reiki sessions with clients and in self Reiki sessions. Why? Because stones have a natural vibration to them and can help you move and balance your energy.

Most of the time I use stones to help with chakra work. I will pick the stone color to match the chakra I’m working on. At the crown chakra I use clear quartz or moonstone. Amethyst is for the third eye. Blue Lace Agate I like for the throat but I also go with tradition and use Lapis Lazuli. At the heart chakra I use either Rose Quartz or Malachite. Depends on what the issue with the heart chakra is on which color pink or green. Solar Plexus I use citrine. Sacral is orange so I use tiger eye. Root chakra I use carnelian, garnet.

Obsidian is one of my favorites in any form to use to help me ground. Onyx is another I like to use to ground.

Hematite is a stone I love to use because it has this amazing ability to suck out any pain. I use it a great deal with headaches, and sinus infections. It’s also good for joint pains. I just place the hematite on the area and when the area feels better or the hematite pops off, it’s all done.

Jasper is one that will pick me 9 times out of 10. Whenever I shop for new stones at a friend’s booth at expos, I pick pretty and it ends up Jasper of some kind. Jasper is good for calming, healing and protection.

Petrified wood I use when writing sometimes. I use it though when working with past life regressions because it helps one to remember.

Now whenever I buy stones I always clear them because stones hang on to energy. Everyone that has handled the stone will leave an energy print on it. To clear a stone you can put it in the sun, or in some salt water, or clear it with Reiki. Then carry it with you for a while so that it takes on your energy and be in tune with you.

You can do so much with stones. I use them on my chakras in meditation or in Reiki sessions to reset chakras and get them balanced. I use many stones of the same kind around the body depending on what the client I’m working on needs. I like, Rose Quartz for love, Bloodstone for healing, Blue Lace Agate with Cheveron Amethyst to help kick a client’s energy up to promote Reiki and healing energy.

I suggest buying a good book about the types of stones and their magical properties. Then the possibilities of what you use stones for are endless. When  shopping for stones make sure you handle them and then if they feel right in your hand then purchase it.

I hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day!

Blessings All,

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