Monday, July 1, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Sorry about missing last week. I moved into my own house so I was very busy trying to get things in place and boxes gone through and what not.

With that said let’s get going on this week’s blog!


The only date to mark this week is the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day!  I want to ask you all to take a minute or two and think about our nation’s history. Then a moment to bow your head and pray to whomever, to help our leaders see the highest good of our nation and act for that highest good.

Ok let’s chat shall we?

I wanted to talk about Roses. Yes Roses. Why?  Because they are all over my yard! I have red, white, and pink rose bushes all around my house and they are just amazing. Now, I know you’re thinking, Wendy what the hell, you’re talking roses just because they are all over your yard? How does that relate to anything metaphysical?

Well, let me tell you something about roses…

A rose is a natural antiseptic and it has soothing properties. Rose oil mixtures can help with stomach issues, cuts, bug bites, mood swings, menopause and anything in-between. Roses can be used for protection and to bring the wearer good luck. However, for centuries, roses have been used in love spells. It was once said if you had rose bush leaves and named one for each of your lovers, the leaf that stayed green the longest was the lover you would have for life.
Ah, the love spell. If you could get your hands on one would you use it? I mean would he love you for you or because you worked a spell that affected the way he or she felt about you? Goes back to the old saying of, there is always a price. But know this too, there is always free will and you can’t make someone do something they have no interest in doing. Now, I’m sure there is an abundance of love spells with roses online that you can access if you truly want to.

The other thing I want to talk about is roses attract fairies. Yep, they do! So if you want to connect with the Earth and the fairies get yourself some rose bushes. I find the scent of sitting by the roses helps with my meditations and I have a new spot to meditate at my new house and that’s on my deck with the rose bushes close by.

Roses are going to mean different things to everyone because we all look at things differently. But this week I challenge you to find a rose bush to just sit by and take time to enjoy it and see what the rose will enhance for you.

Have an Amazing 4th everyone!

Blessings All,



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