Monday, July 15, 2013

Mystic Monday

Where to begin today?  I have to be honest lately with my move into a new home and trying to get things straight I haven’t been very good with my meditations or any time to just sit and contact the guides or try to read for myself, or anyone else for that matter.

Next week I will be doing a quick investigation of a building in St. Paul to see what I’ll be dealing with there before I clear the building— if I clear the building. I learned last year that it’s not always a good thing to go in and clear a place, even if the owner of the property wishes it cleared, because there are things on the other-side that can make life difficult if you do. In those situations— few and far between— I have to call someone who knows a lot more than I do, and do some referring. Better to be safe, than sorry.

So this week let’s talk house clearing since I just moved.

When you move into a place it’s a good idea to smudge the building and then claim the property. This also works if you find you have a ghost in residence that will not cross over and you’re not real pleased to be sharing your home.

You will need a sage wand or palo santo stick, lighter or a candle, something to catch the ashes, then sea salt, and lavender oil. All can be found at your local metaphysical store or sometimes a holistic market will have a sage wand.

Before you start say a prayer of intent. Something like, God and Goddess, Angels and Guides, please help me raise the vibrations of my home and help me be rid of any lower energies that are not for my highest good. Any earth bound spirits that are here, angels please clear out and help them to cross over or just leave my property.

I like to start in the basement and work up, but I know of some people who work top to bottom just as they would when doing a Reiki session on a person. Always open a window or a door on the level of the home you are working on. This allows the lower energy a place to exit the building.

Light your sage and begin smudging the house. I start in one corner and work my way around the entire floor, room by room. Make sure to get into any crawl spaces or closets. To smudge, simply light your wand. Get a good burn started and then blow it out to create a nice thick stream of smoke. Fan the smoke to the areas you want it to reach. As you are doing so, ask that the space be cleared in the name of, whatever higher power you believe in. Work your way through all the levels of the house.

When you are done, put out the wand and then I usually bury it some place on the property. I don’t like to use it again for anything else because I’ve already blessed it and said in my intent that it is for the house.

Now it’s time for the sea salt. Pour enough sea salt, to use to circle the perimeter of your home, in a bowl. Add a few drops of lavender to the sea salt. Put your hands over the bowl of salt and say, God and Goddess, bless this salt so that I may use it to put up a protective barrier around my home to keep any energy out of my home that is not for my highest good.

Now, go outside and walk the perimeter of your home starting at the door you use to enter and exit, sprinkling the blessed salt as you do. When you are back to your door, face the door and say, Dear God and Goddess, this is my home and only the spirit guides of me and my family are allowed to enter my home. Any energy that is for our highest good is welcome. So Mote It Be, or Amen, which ever you are comfortable with.

That’s all there is to it!

There are different variations and other methods we will get into on another Monday.

Have an amazing week everyone and work on your list for things you want to manifest on next Monday’s full moon.

Blessings All,

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