Monday, July 29, 2013

Mystic Monday


This week on August 1, 2013 is the celebration of Lammas or Lughnasadh. This harvest celebration is the time of year when we celebrate all the hard work of planting and growing over the summer. How can we relate this to the self and growing on your spiritual path? Well let’s look back to your journal and what is it you’ve manifested in your life. For me it’s a house.

So on August 1st I will be giving thanks for my new house and all the manifesting energies that helped me to get into the house. What have you been working on this summer for your highest good? Think of everything you’ve been through this summer and the things you’ve learned through those experiences. Then give a little prayer of thanks for those experiences that are helping you to grow. You may want to do this in the form of a ritual like you do for the full and new moons. It’s your choice how you observe the day.

Another thing I wanted to go over today is shielding yourself and your energy. I’m bringing this up this week because a friend of mine called and she is back from a trip with her paranormal team and they had an experience with one of the areas they visited. When you are going to visit an area or place that has a ghost you need to shield to protect yourself. Before entering the place make sure you say a prayer of intent. Something like, ‘Dear God and Goddess, Guides, Please protect me and keep me save but let communication happen if it is for my highest good or for the highest good of the people I’m working with.’ Then I always ask we all be protected. Another good thing to do is to put a bubble of white light around yourself for protection. When you leave, make sure clear your energy by cutting your cords and smudging yourself with sage or palo santo wood. You can also call on Archangel Michael to help protect you and then clear you from any unwanted attachments. Now this is pretty 101 stuff,  because I’m guessing that you aren’t a hard core paranormal team member, yet I want to give you a taste of what to do if you are going to go out and be in a place to see what you can communicate with.

Have a great week and don’t forget to celebrate on Thursday! 

Blessings All, 


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