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DeAnna Felthauser ~ author of the "Wishes" series...

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to my guest author, DeAnna Felthauser. Ms. Felthauser is the author of the romantic “Wishes” series. I personally love the series and am waiting, (not so patiently) for the third book in the series to be released! Let me share with you what I’m talking about…

A Million Wishes

Mikayla Johnson... Growing up in a poor, abusive household after her father is killed in a car wreck; Mikayla had very few things in life that gave her joy. Her writing, the old oak tree, her big brother Callum and her childhood crush Noah. Could he help her heal from her past and give her the family she has always wanted?

Noah Cane... Noah is a Navy seal war hero coming home to the Georgia peach plantation he was raised on to recover from losing his leg in war. His heart was stolen by Mikayla the moment they met under a peach tree where she was stealing peaches off his parent's property. Can she help him heal from his injuries and give him something worth fighting for?

Join Mikayla and Noah on a whimsical journey of love, passion and the discovery of what they were truly meant to do with their lives. Sit back and enjoy their playful banter and intense loving while they show the town of Sugar Creek what it really means to have a heart of gold.


His voice cracked just a bit, and she lightly rubbed her hands over the sinuous muscles of his back and shoulders. He felt so good, so firm and masculine. Gina was right, Noah is a dreamboat. He smelled so good, like leather, sunshine and pure strong, sexy male. Right now though, he looked vulnerable. Like, he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. They stood there like that for a while. Holding each other until his stomach growled and she started giggling. “I think you need food, what sounds good?”

He grinned at her and brushed a kiss on her forehead. “Is there any place in this big o’ city that can make a good country fried steak and potatoes?”

“I know just the place. Let’s go get some food, then we can come back here and relax. Sound good?”

"That sounds perfect, kitten." Her skin flushed from the pet name and he chuckled, kissing her nose before they left.

Over dinner they chatted mainly about her schooling and some of the beautiful places he had been. The conversation was light and comfortable as they ate. They opted to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some ice cream and a few things for meals throughout the weekend, since Noah really wanted to be lazy around the house. It wasn’t often a SEAL got down time and he wanted to enjoy being with Miki and let his body rest some.

Once they got back to Mikayla’s place, she fixed them chocolate ice cream cones and they curled up on the couch to watch a movie. His arm wrapped leisurely around her, as she rested her head on his shoulder, taking slow licks of the chocolate. He groaned and she turned her head looking innocent and sweet, with a dot of chocolate on the corner of her mouth. He barely leaned in, and let his tongue drag across her lower lip, kissing the corner of her mouth. “It tastes even sweeter coming off you, baby doll.” She trembled, licking her lips, wishing she could taste him there. She smiled when he uttered a low, playful, growl. “I think that was the sexiest thing to ever happen to me, Noah.”

He grinned, then laughed out loud, shocked when she dabbed her cone to his mouth and licked over it, tenderly sucking his lower lip between hers, nibbling it. His body went rock hard and she flushed so beautifully, so shyly, he had to force himself to finish his ice cream cone and stop growling at her, lest he pick her up and take her to bed.

And if that isn’t enough to intrigue you…there’s more!

Reflecting On Wishes


Six years ago, Dakota was adopted by Noah and Mikayla Cane. Even with a close-nit, loving family, nothing prepared him for falling head-over-heels in love with Angel Vega. When a game of cat and mouse begins between the pair, Dakota is persistent in what he wants. It may take him months to win her over, but he knows she is worth the effort.

Deemed the Latina Goddess of the race track, Angel is a Pro-Stock Motorcycle racer that has been burned by love more than once. Letting down her walls and believing in a man again, was the last thing on her mind. Just as Angel finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome Dakota, tragedy strikes and shatters her racing dreams.

Devastated, Angel retreats into a world of doubt, fear and broken dreams. Will Dakota do as she wants and walk away, or will he be the strength she needs and fight for the girl that owns his heart?


His grin was so endearing she simply huffed and shook her head, taking another bite of her burger and trying to wipe the stupid grin off her face. He was so sweet. Not to mention incredibly sexy. That could be a lethal combination. But damned if she could back away now, this was too much fun. She had missed having someone to laugh and flirt with.

Her fingers itched to feel the texture of his closely cropped hair, which was black as midnight, just like his mustache and goatee. He dwarfed her petite frame by at least a foot. Angel stood five foot two inches tall and weighed a solid one hundred and fifteen pounds. She was prime racing size. She could meld to her bike until they were fused together as if they were one being; woman and machine. Briefly she wondered just how well she would meld to Dakota. Her—small and lean; him—muscular and so utterly male. She envisioned her soft caramel skin brushing up against his dark, sinewy body. Angel realized at that moment that he was speaking to her and she had no clue what he’d been saying. Her thoughts had strayed since they were alone in her trailer.

“I’m sorry, what did you say? My mind drifted for a minute.” Angel wadded up the paper that had been wrapped around her burger, pitching it at the trashcan, nailing the shot.

He nodded, smiling at her. “Nice shot. I was just asking if you were busy tonight. I thought maybe I could take you out to dinner or for a drink maybe.”

“Umm, yeah, we could do that, I think. I can’t be out late though. I have an early and long day tomorrow. But dinner sounds good. A girl’s gotta eat right?”

A knock sounded at the door just before it opened and her dad stepped in. “Time to suit up Angel. We gotta go get lined up.”

“Alright, Papá. I’ll be out in a few.” She nodded towards the door, urging him to leave, but Dakota could tell he didn’t want to go unless he left the trailer with him.

Dakota looked back at Angel and smiled. “Do your thing, gorgeous. I’ll catch you around later.” He reached out and brushed his thumb along her jaw before turning and following her father out of the trailer.
Be sure to watch for the third book in the series…coming soon!


Granting Wishes

© DeAnna Felthauser July 2013: 


The wedding had turned out beautiful. It was a fairytale from start to finish. Angel had been a stunning bride and Delilah had never seen her brother Dakota so overjoyed. It was perfect. She was happy for them, truly.

Why then, did she feel like utter crap right now? Something must be wrong with the workings of her brain to be feeling so completely lonely in a house full of people that she loved.

It was getting late and Lilah couldn’t stand another minute of being in her uncomfortable high heels and the buttercup yellow dress she’d worn to the wedding. Heading upstairs to her room, she made sure she avoided the stairs in the foyer, and instead she chose to go out the back door and take the stairs from the deck that led to her brother Dominic’s room. From there she kicked off her heels and carried them in her hand as she padded along on the plush carpeting to her room. The softness felt like heaven on her sore feet.

Once she was sequestered in her room, Lilah unzipped her dress and let it pool at her bare feet, quickly shedding her undergarments and left them lay where they fell as she walked into her bathroom. It was time for a hot bath with a generous drizzle of lavender oil to soothe the ache in her feet, and her heart.

Lilah once asked her momma after her first heartbreak at the age of fifteen why boys were so dumb. Her mom had replied, “Because when they are around girls, they suffer from blood loss to the brain and only idiotic things come out of their mouths. We’ve all been through it, sugar, and you’ll make it through it too. More than once…”

At the time, Lilah had laughed and felt better knowing that she wasn’t the only one to suffer through the stupidity of an immature boy. Of course, back then she assumed that grown men would somehow be smarter. Boy was she wrong.

Stupid Jake Kringle.

Lilah made a sound of disgust and turned off her bath water, grabbing her cell phone before she eased down into the tub of hot, fragrant water.

The wedding had been a small affair with close friends and family, but her mom had invited Jake and his adorable little girl Roxy since they had been working closely with him for the last several months in the renovations of Kringle Farms. Lilah knew her mom did it because apparently everyone knew she had a crush on Jake and it was her feeble attempt at throwing them together again. That was such a waste since he went out of his way to avoid her completely. In fact, he probably wouldn’t have even spoken to her if sweet little Roxy hadn’t made a beeline for her as soon as she saw her. The big jerk may not feel the same way about her as she did him, but she certainly had a friend in Roxy. The girl was an absolute delight. She definitely had more personality than her father, that was for sure.

Scrolling through her messages, Lilah rested her head back on the edge of the tub. It became clear that was a bad decision when her phone beeped and a picture of Mr. Tall Blond and Brooding popped up. Good gravy! Even with that stern look on his face he was still sexy as hell. It was a wonder she didn’t drop her phone in the water. It was bad enough her mind went south when she realized she was looking at him while she was in the tub, naked and thinking about him. Her skin flushed like she’d been caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Sitting up straight, Lilah slid the green bar over on her phone to open the text. It took a moment for her figure out she was getting lightheaded because she was holding her breath. Letting it out in whoosh, she read something that sent her heart thumping.

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