Monday, August 19, 2013

Mystic Monday


The full moon is on Tuesday the 20th. So get out your manifesting tools, write that list and do your ritual on Tuesday! Remember to spell out what you want. Make it specific and include for your “highest good”.

Savannah brought it to my attention Sunday when talking to her that we haven’t had a ghost blog in a while. So I’m going to tell you a little story of what happened to me this weekend.

This weekend I went to my parents. While there I took some time to visit some friends. One, being Heather. Now, I wasn’t on an investigation of any kind and knowing about the place which Heather lives in, I purposefully didn’t tune in to the house and ignored most of the feelings I was getting. I basically told the place, “Hey I’m here but it’s girl talk time.”  So after we got done talking after several text messages from my kids over the maybe hour that I was gone, we started to walk out to leave. Heather mentioned that another room was finished and asked if I wanted to see it. Well sure I’ll take a look because I love the place anyway. So upstairs we go to the room. As soon as I walked in I got hit by a “gangster” energy. Now, this room is the one where the mobster from the 30’s came in on an investigation once, so it didn’t surprise me that I’d feel that kind of energy again.

However, it was replaced quickly by someone who clearly didn’t want me in the room. My chest started to feel real heavy like it was being crushed. The only way I can describe it is if someone was standing behind me and giving me the biggest bear hug possible, so I had a hard time breathing. When I told Heather, she said strange things have been happening since the beds were brought in. Apparently the beds were from a house that was the first on record in the U.S. to have a possession take place. She said that people who slept in the beds were reporting things like being touched, or feeling someone sit or lay on the bed next to them. So I went over to the far bed and put my hands on the foot of the bed and opened up.

Now, I usually do not invite ghosts to touch me, but I did this time. I said, “If you would please push my hand, or touch my hand to let me know you are here, like you do to other people that are around this bed.” That’s when an older woman with wild long hair came over to me from the side of the bed and said, “I would never make it close to you. Those Scottish warriors won’t let me near you.” 

I smiled and thanked my guides for that. She felt unstable.

At the next bed a girl about 9 to 10 years of age came over right away and sat down on the bed and looked at me. She said, “This is where mommy used to brush my hair.” Her hair was long, dirty blond or light brown. She vanished after that.

Heather couldn’t tell me much of the history of the beds, just the name of the house. The Roff house. will get you information on the house.

The First Ward School House in Wisconsin Rapids is the house I was at. Their Facebook page is

This Tuesday I was told there would be an Open House. It’s at 1pm and tours (free) will be going on for the public. Stop in and check it out. The place is haunted and with a full moon that night you shouldn’t be disappointed. J

And that is it for this week’s Mystic Monday. Hope you all enjoyed. Have a great week and don't forget the full moon on Tuesday!

Blessings All,

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