Friday, August 23, 2013

Coffee Time Romance ~ My Store Front!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a part of the Coffee Time Romance family! That’s right, and what an honor it is! I now have a store front with CTR and it is just one more place where you will be able to find all my romance books. I mean, who could ask for more with the words “coffee” and “romance” tied together! I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the amazing women at Coffee Time Romance for all their help.
The first book available in my CTR store front is “Words of an Angel” my new paranormal romance. I’m not really sure “paranormal” really describes this story accurately, as when most read the word paranormal, they think or beings like vampires, werewolves, witches or other such beings.

This is a wonderful romance story about an angel—Ecanus, the angel of writers—who falls in love with a mortal woman, Rayanne, who wants to be a writer. He under goes inner struggles, as you can imagine, with trying to do what he has always believed as right, or following his heart. Not an easy thing to do as many of us have surely experienced in our own lives.

The character, Rayanne Bradley, is typical of most hardworking, single women. She wants to have a successful career, but after losing that job soon realizes what it has cost her in her personal life…true love, a husband and children. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, she accidently finds out what he has given up to be with her. And in her mind, it’s just too much to ask anyone to give up.

This story is a mixture of characters who truly are friends in every sense of the word. Most of us are lucky to have a few close friends who will love and care for us until their dying breath…and there may even be a few who argue that they even have their own special angel.


Blurb ~ for Words of an Angel

After losing her job at the local newspaper, Rayanne Bradley finally had the time to reach for one of her dreams—writing a book. What should have been an easy task end’s up getting off to a slow start, until the day her muse shows up. Now, whenever the masculine scent of musk mysteriously fills the air, her thoughts flow freely as she types them into what will become her book. As the manuscript unfolds, the mystery deepens and becomes entangled with coincidences. Could this be real? Had she met the long haired, sexy, man of her dreams? Could she believe and trust the words of an angel?

Excerpt ~

After putting on her pajama’s and making herself a cup of tea, Rayanne decided to read her new manuscript instead of settling down with a book. She wanted to fine-tune her writing skills, and make sure the story was off to a solid start. At least that was what she tried to convince herself of. Once the document was open, she immediately scrolled to the end of the very last page. Her eyes quickly scanned the words she’d written earlier that day, ‘God he looked hot! His dark hair was a little longer than she was used to seeing on him, but he wore it well. His eyes were exactly as she remembered…’ Rayanne’s eyes opened wide. That was it…where was the ‘Well Done’? Did I imagine that earlier? Good Lord, I’m losing my mind, she thought rubbing her eyes. She looked again at the words in front of her—it was definitely gone. “Okay I’m unmarried, unemployed and now crazy! I’m smelling and seeing things that aren’t possible,” she said to herself. She reached for her cup of tea and took a drink, being mindful of the very hot temperature of the beverage. I should add some damn brandy to this, she thought with a chuckle.

Well, seeing I’m sitting here I might as well work on this a little more, she reasoned as she took another sip of the hot liquid, and then set it off to the side. She began to type from the point where she’d left off. All thoughts of the mystifying words were forgotten for the moment.

After writing three pages, she sat back in the chair, reaching for her cup of tea once again. She took a drink, and examined what she wrote. Now what? She was stuck on where to take the story from that point. Should I let them sleep together here? A booty-call? Naw, that would be too obvious and too soon. A fight maybe…then some make-up sex? She wriggled her nose and lifted her hand to tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear. She sat there thinking, when the strange scent of musk returned. The fragrance had her full attention now. Where is that coming from? She looked from side to side, then got up from the chair and walked around the room, sniffing at the air trying to detect where the odor was coming from. Nothing. There wasn’t anything to explain it.

Rayanne walked into the living-room, noting by the clock on the wall that it was almost eleven. She walked to the foyer and locked the door for the evening. She shut off the little gold lamp with the bead-fringed black shade, on the table in the entryway. I can’t smell anything weird in here. She headed back towards her desk and as soon as she entered the room, the noticeable aroma was apparent. Okay, that’s it. I’m tired and going to bed. That explains things—I’m tired, she thought as she reached her desk. She sat down and grabbed for her tea. That’s when she saw it,

It’s too soon for them to make love. Take your time with the story…

She slammed the laptop closed, sitting there in disbelief for quite a while before getting up from her desk and going to sit on the chair in the living-room. A million thoughts were going through her mind, including ‘was she losing it’? She couldn’t fathom what was going on in her home. First, there was the reoccurring sensual scent of musk, and not only once—but now twice, mysterious words appearing at the end of her writing. Part of her wanted to go back to the desk and reopen the laptop to see if the words were still there. The fragrance, although faint, still hung in the air. But the other part of her didn’t want to acknowledge her questionable mental state.

Deciding to leave reviewing her sanity to the light of a new day, she got up, shut off the rest of the lights and went upstairs to bed.


Ecanus couldn’t help but smirk, as he watched the woman, Rayanne, sitting in her chair looking perplexed. He knew he shouldn’t have any more contact with her, other than assisting her with her writing. He’d never crossed the line before to be so bold as to actually write something someone could see. He knew it wasn’t permitted, but he couldn’t help himself. The combination of his playful manner and her enticing beauty, were getting the best of him. Ecanus wanted her to know, somehow, that he was there. He had watched as she left her desk, restraining himself from following her as she walked around her home as if looking for something. It was then he decided to ‘write’ the words instead of whispering them to her, as to what would be best regarding her story. It didn’t take much effort on his part, the mortal realm was easy to manipulate. Although her reaction wasn’t quite what he’d hoped for.


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