Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mystic Monday...on Tuesday!

Well let’s kick September off with some dates, shall we? 

If you follow the Celtic Tree Calendar Monday begins the month of Vine.

Wednesday the 4th is the New Moon. This night is most powerful for releasing that which isn’t serving your highest good. Cut your energy cords and release all the negative energy from your life.

Early warning…..there is a Friday the 13th this month.

This week I was going to talk about hauntings but I’ve been thinking of all the historical movies that have been on this weekend I think I’ve had a change of heart and I’m beginning to think it’s time to touch on past lives.

The Three Musketeers have been on all weekend. For a long time this has been one of my favorite stories. Two different versions have been on and both are equally as good in holding my interest even after having watched both many times over. For me these movies are a link to the past. Years ago I found someone who does past life regressions. I went and was guided through a series of meditations that helped me to remember lives I had lived and the lessons from those lifetimes. One of those lives involved the Musketeers. I’m also secretly a fan of historical romances. I love reading of royalty and the likes of. Why?  Yep there is another past life connection.

To begin to figure out past life connections, start with the things that hold you interest. What are you passionate about?  Are there any time periods that you are interested in or that you keep coming back to in your readings or movies?  Let’s dig a little deeper shall we?  Do you hold any kind of injury or unexplained pain?  These can all be connected to past life memories.

Can you uncover these memories by yourself?  You bet you can. But sometimes it’s easier to find someone qualified that can help you by walking you through guided meditations. However, if you chose to go it yourself,  you will need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and make sure you turn off that phone.

One of the easiest ways to discover or uncover things is to use a pendulum. This way you do not need to know how to meditate. You can write on a paper a time line of the years you are most interested in. If you don’t have a pendulum you can simply put a ring on a string or a necklace. Before you begin you need to know which direction means yes and which direction means no. Hold the pendulum string between your index finger and your thumb. Let the weight hang a few inches above the table. Ask the pendulum to show you a yes answer. Watch which way it swings. I usually say something like, “Please show me Yes”, then “Thank you”. Then I ask it “please show me no.”  followed by  “Thank you”. Once you know the direction you can begin asking your questions. Hold the pendulum above the time line you created and start asking if you’ve lived in the time period that you are holding the pendulum over. If you have a map you can hold it over an area that you feel you may have live and ask if you’ve ever had a life there.

Now I, myself have a hard time with the pendulum as I find I can control the way it swings by thinking the answer I want it to tell me. So I have to keep my mind busy after I’ve asked a question by looking at my candle and thinking candle and then quick look to see the direction and look away again. I have also called friends in the past to ask their pendulums my question to see if they get the answer I have received. However, I pretty much never use mine for asking questions anymore. I do use it in Reiki sessions to check chakras.

There are several meditations you can do to guide yourself through to past lives. If you are not experienced doing mediations I suggest you find a qualified person to walk you through one. There are some great books and CD’s out there that can also help you.

A Reiki session can also bring out past lives. Many times when I am working with clients past lives will come out in the session because there is something the client needs to go back to in order to heal.

So have fun this week exploring with the simple quick way of the pendulum. Remember to start with the things that hold your interest.

Blessings All and have a great week.


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