Monday, October 7, 2013

Mystic Monday


This month to get into the Halloween spirit we will be talking nothing but ghost and communication with the other side. We will continue to work on our own energy as well. I’ll sneak some of that in as we go along.

Stevens Point Paranormal will be hosting the second annual Ghost Tours in Stevens Point, WI. The tour will start at Kristin’s Riverwalk. I will be at Kristin’s with the team doing Angel card readings both nights. There are links from my website at or so you can buy tickets or schedule with me.

This is the time of the year we love to talk about things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, and other things. So let’s start with Ghost.

Ghosts can take many forms. I use the term ghost interchangeably with earthbound spirits. These are souls who for some reason or another never crossed over and stayed here on the Earth plane that we are on. They may stay behind because they fear what is in store for them on the other side. An earthbound may stay because they are not ready to leave family. Sometimes an earthbound stays because they died before their time and it could have been a quick untimely death with or without trauma involved. In my experiences ghosts that I have come in contact with are here because they choose to stay for one reason or another. Some will move on with help figuring out what it is they need to do, or once they gain closure to what has happened to them. Some will stay.

Ghosts are disembodied people. So every ghost is different, and just like meeting new people, you should use caution when communicating with a ghost that is in your space or has come into your space. Wait, what? They can come into your space. Yep, Ghosts do not always attach themselves to a home. They could attach to an object or a person. If you are living in a home that has more than one home connected in a shared space, a ghost could roam the entire building. I once cleared a townhome of an active ghost who liked to make his presence known by knocking things over or making loud noises. When the home was cleared and the owner educated as to how to keep the vibration in their home raised so that any lower energy couldn’t enter, the ghost moved on to the townhome next door.

There are ways to grid your apartment or townhome with crystals and aromatherapies you can use to keep unwanted energy out of your home.

Objects: Ghosts can stay with their favorite item so be careful when you shop antique stores or estate sales. It’s always a good idea to smudge a purchase to clear it of any energy when you get it home. Just as you would do any stones you buy before you include them in your meditations or energy work.

Crossed over loved ones can pop in and out from time to time, and this is normal for them. Unlike a ghost, these spirits are not earthbound. They have crossed over to the other side and are happy waiting for us to join them. They spend most of their time living a life on the other side doing all the things they like to do but they now do it all over there. They will pop over and check on us and once in a while try to get out attention if they feel like we are making a mistake, or are straying from our path. My dad and I were at my great uncle’s property. My dad was mowing the lawn with his new mower. I was picking up sticks and rocks so he wouldn’t hit them. All of a sudden I heard my great uncle’s voice say, “Wendy, your dad needs to be careful over there with the mower if not he’s going to be mad. He should use the old one.”  Well I was about to flag my dad down when the mower just quit. I looked at him and I said, “It’s ok dad, you’re supposed to quit even though you’re not done because Uncle Hank says you need to stop or you’ll get angry.”  He looked at me and was like too late. The mower had slipped the belt, which really made my dad angry because it was horrible to try to get back on. I guess I didn’t get the warning in enough time. When I told him, he was like, “Yep could have used that sooner.”

I’ve done readings where crossed over loved ones have come through to give closure about their death for their loved ones.

So all this talk about ghosts, I know you’re wondering about the ghosts that are mean or disrupt everything in the home. What about evil ghosts and worse? Well, I can say they are out there but I’ve not yet come across one that was so mean it threw things at me or picked me up or touched me in any hurtful way. Most of the time if a ghost doesn’t want me around it will make me sick in some way to get rid of me. Why? Well a ghost can tell who can sense them by the energy vibrations we give off. Because of meditation and intuitive energy work that I do a ghost can pick up on me as someone who will be able to communicate with them without any help from technology. Yet, then there are those who like to be smarty pants and let the unbelievers know they are around in some shape or form.

So with Halloween on the way I will be doing a protection spell of sorts to make sure my home is protected when the veil thins and communication between the sides is easy for all. I will put sea salt in a bowl and mix in some lavender. Then hold my hands over the bowl and bless the salt. I will then use the salt and walk a circle clockwise around my home starting at the main door and ending at the same door. Then when I’m back in front of the door I usually say an intent that all energy that is not for my highest good is not welcome in my home. Only the guides of myself and my family may enter into my home. I will also smudge the house a little more than normal as this is my first Halloween in my house.

More scary stuff next week with some ghost stories based on experiences, and hey, we need to slip in some personal growth stuff too! This week work on your meditation skills. Practice grounding, centering yourself, and cutting your cords!

Don’t forget to check out my Event page for Ghost Tour information.

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