Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's up with Savannah?

I bet a lot of you have been wondering where the heck I’ve been lately. First let me say I do apologize for not doing any blog posting as of late, and I need to thank Wendy for continuing with Mystic Monday every week!

Where to even begin…

It has been a rough summer with both good and not-so-good things happening. As you know in July I became an independent author, and that was a very good thing! I have teamed up with some fabulous ladies—other independent authors, and we are finding our way in the indie world…we just should have brought a damn flashlight and compass! LOL Although the journey is all trial and error, we’re all up for the challenge and you can bet your sweet asses, we will succeed!

Also at the end of July our household was down to one income…just mine. Rick lost his job, and mine just doesn’t pay all the bills. But like everyone else, we managed (barely) to keep our heads above water, yet felt like we were drowning just 10 feet from shore. The up side, it was a dead-end job for a company who played a lot of games after his hand injury from the year before. So in a way it wasn’t a surprise and was a blessing in disguise. I’m glad to report that Monday he started a new job, making more money, lots of over-time, and he LIKES IT!

Labor Day weekend started a string of life changing events that I will never forget. Late on Sunday my ex-husband and my children’s father, was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Tuesday morning he was scheduled for a major surgery. Surgery went well, but as the doctor was coming out to tell the kids surgery went great, their father coded…the first time they worked on him for over an hour, but got him back. Then he coded 2 more times…he never regained consciousness. He passed away 2 weeks later. It was the hardest thing as a mother I have ever had to endure, watching my baby’s hearts break and not be able to do a damn thing about it or to help them. All I could do was be there for them, and I was day and night. I know eventually time will help lessen their sorrow and things will get easier…but you never forget.

And now, the past week and a half I’ve had some dang nasty cold thingy going on…GRRRRRRRRRR. I am not a person who gets sick often, so saying it’s driving me nuts is an understatement. I think the last cold I had was like 2 years ago! But I’m glad to say I’m finally starting to feel better, and the old, sassy me will be back to normal very soon…see, you are lucky!

Now, it’s slowly getting back to business as usual! There’s editing to be done, writing to finish up, and tons of marketing research & networking to do as well. I seriously learned how your rankings slip when you aren’t around, whether networking or doing promo for your books. Time to get off my butt, dust off my backside and get back to work! There will also be several more books released by years end…so be sure to watch for them! I know I have a couple I’m planning on, as well as my girls do too.

So see, even writers are human! We all go through the same life stuff everyone else does. It just threw me off track for a bit. It’s those things that keep me grounded as a person, and puts things into proper prospective. There are others who have had much worse things happen to them, and my heart goes out to them. 

I just try to remember that no matter how bad things seem at times, I can’t give up. : )

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