Monday, October 21, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Let’s kick this Monday off with a plug for the Ghost Tours at Kristin’s Riverwalk in Stevens Point on October 25th and October 26th. Tickets can be purchased at

Ok with that out of the way let’s get down to some dates. I’ve got nothing this week. But I will say this: Be on guard with your energy. It is coming up on Halloween and the energy is going to start getting active. Last Friday was the Full Moon and crazy has been going on all over the place. This week I have to get some sea salt and protect my property once I bless it….Hummm, maybe I’ll do that as soon as I get this written. What do I mean by this? Well I think we’ve talked about this once before.

Get out your Palo Santo or Sage and you are going to pick a starting place in your home. I work top to bottom because I’m a Reiki practitioner and it’s natural for me to work top to bottom. Open a window on the floor you are working on so that whatever yuck energy is trapped can escape. Go into each room with your sage, light it and blow it out after it has a good burn so that it makes a nice smoke stream. Then fan in all over the rooms. Make sure to get closets and corners. In every room ask the Divine to bless and clear this space. Do this on all the floors of your home. Then once the house is clear, you are going to get a bowl and salt. I add lavender for an extra kick. Pour the salt in a bowl add a few drops of lavender and then hold your hands over the bowl and bless the salt in the name of your higher power. Then take the salt and spread it around in a clockwise circle on your property. I walk out the door and start there until I come back to the door. When back at the door you are going to take ownership of your property. Face your door and say something like: “I (name) am owner of this property and from this time forth in the name of the (higher power) only the energy which is for my highest good or the spirit guides of me and my family are allowed to enter this home. When you walk in, finish the circle with your salt across the door. This will help keep unwanted energy out of your home no matter what form that energy takes.

So now the ghost stories: 

You know I’ve been doing this so long I really do forget it’s not normal for people to accept right away, which I relearned a few weekends ago. A friend of mine called me up and said, “Hey why don’t you come out to a football bbq we are having.” Sure I go out. Have a great time, beer, and great food. Well, we all jump in a truck and go to down the road to a fabulous supper club with a patio. Now it was one of the last warm days with sun in October so we sat outside. I had a beer or two, and my rule is always no readings or opening up to the other side while I’ve had alcohol. Why?  Because it lowers your guard and lower vibrating energies can more easily get to you. Well, I didn’t intend on it but as we sat outside a woman kept pacing the trees. She was dressed in a floor length skirt with a button down shirt and had darker hair with a bun. She stayed on the grass by the trees and never came up to the patio. The manager had been chatting with us at our table. When we left I stayed back for a second and gave the manager my card and said, “Hey do you know any history behind this place and property?” 

He said, “No. Why?”  Well I handed him a business card and told him about the woman. I didn’t know my friend was standing in the back watching. When I got done and walked over to him he said, “Ghost thing, right? You know you freaked the manager out right?” 

I looked at him confused and said, “No”. I guess the manager had this look on his face like he couldn’t process what I was saying, and the ghost thing freaked him a bit. See this is what I forget, not all people are believers and not all people look at this as well normal. For me it’s been so long since I’ve shut it all off that it’s just everyday stuff. Well, apparently I had gotten real quiet during our patio time and my friend knew something was up as well. The manager never contacted me as of yet about any background information on the building. I’m guessing he won’t.

Since the Ghost Tours are being hosted at Kristin’s Riverwalk let’s talk about ghosts from Kristin’s.

Awhile back I was with Stevens Point Paranormal Club on an investigation of Kristin’s. Kristin’s is an interesting place and if you get the chance you should check it out. Kristin’s has a series of tunnels under the dining room and bar, and on top there is a few rooms from what was a hotel back in the day. In the basement I picked up on a few ghosts, one of which was of a little girl who did travel around the establishment. One was of a shady man who didn’t want me in his space at all. In the dining room I met two ghosts roaming around. One was that of a shop keeper who was very calm and a good man. A little boy ran through the dining room. He was about 6 or 7 and wore a sweatshirt with a hood. He came running through the room when Kristin was telling us about the silverware and tables being moved then placed back. He ran through and said, “It was me” and ran out. He never stopped to talk. He was always on the go. When we went up the stairs to the hotel I encountered another ghost who did talk to us a while and felt like he was there to help protect me from whatever else was in the building. Then as we walked the hallways I continued to feel like I was walking through spider webs when none were there.

We will be doing an investigation the night of the Ghost Tours and for an extra fee, the public is welcome to join and try out some of our equipment and ask questions as we go along. I encourage you to come if you can be in the Stevens Point area this next weekend. It will be fun and a great opportunity to learn.

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,



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