Monday, October 14, 2013

Mystic Monday

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Okay, one date real quick Friday the 18th is the Full Moon so do your manifesting!

So this week we are going to continue with ghost stories.
This photo is the one that helped launch Stevens Point Paranormal. Here’s the photo (yep the hair is horrible, I had just taken it out of a ponytail)

And now the story behind the photo:  A friend of mine  (Rob) from Stevens Point, WI wanted to go out and see if I could pick up on any local Stevens Point urban legends. We had two cameras and his research on local haunts. This photo was taken at the Bloody Bride Bridge on Hwy 66 outside of Steven Point going toward Rosholt, WI. The Bloody Bride appears to cars at night (of course, midnight). Sometimes she stands on the bridge, and sometimes she is in the backseat of the car. It is said she was on her way to her wedding when her car went over the bridge and she met an untimely death.
So Rob and I went down to the park where there is a trail that leads to the river and the bridge just upstream. We discovered this bench so I sat on it and started to channel and this is the lovely picture Rob took of me looking like I’m going to explode. But really I was pushing energy because my hands were all pins and needles, a feeling I get when I’m energy working. Now as I began to open up so I could communicate with any ghosts look what appears on my left. You can see a lighter color outline of a woman sitting next to me. At this time my hands were on fire and Rob was busy snapping pictures. This photo once posted was seen by Freddie, the founder of Stevens Point Paranormal Club. He saw the photo and wanted to know about the trip and then invited me to work with the club.
Ruins of Summerwind Mansion in Vilas County, WI
I was invited to Summerwind for a day and couldn’t say no. Who could, I mean it's the most haunted place in Wisconsin come on…  I’m so there!

Well, we arrived and I didn’t shield quick enough and ended up almost sick. I jumped out of the car real quick for air and as I walked behind the car I heard a man say the Deed is not on the property. Well okay, I yelled to Devon, a friend I was with, “Hey, what does the deed is not on the property mean to you?” 

She yelled back, “Who told you that?” 

I yelled, “Some dude, Why? What’s he talking about?” 

She said the story was that the deed to the house was somewhere on the property. Now, I’m not a big Summerwind buff; Devon however is. Check out The Haunting Experience.

While we were there we had a few experiences of communicating with ghosts. A few weird smells going on and a few strange sounds were heard. One person who joined us was there to return a part of the foundation rock that was taken and bad luck followed the person throughout the time they had it. He threw the rock back to the foundation in hopes the bad luck would stop.

There is an entire story attached to this about a haunting in the house and a murder. And a body that was found in the house, but disappeared when the police came out to investigate it.
Now a friend of mine was at a party there when the house was standing in the late 80’s. She said they felt someone push when they were on the staircase. She said there was a set of headlights following them out the driveway when they were the last car in the party to leave. When they got to the end of the driveway the lights were gone.

According to Freddy a good paranormal investigator will take a few shots close together in order to prove things are there or not. So this was the parking lot of a local pub between Plover, WI and Wisconsin Rapids on Hwy 54. The first shot was taken just before the second. Mist was in the second. We tried to recreate the mist by blowing in the cold and taking a photo of our breath but it didn’t work to debunk this photo. Now the employees at this establishment  have several stories about a mist out in the parking lot by the garbage cans. The funny thing is, when we were out there you couldn’t see anything with the naked eye. It all showed up on the photos we took.

This is a photo of the same place; now there is a mist at the top of the photo and there is what appears to be the torso of a ghost. Now to me he looks like he has a white shirt, black or dark coat and a red tie, smaller head with a hat. He kinda reminds me of Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers. Again, it is a mist and not a fireplace or our breath. The night was subzero when we were there. We were outside for only 5 minutes at a time.
This place also has a history of having mobsters stay there. There were cottages where they kept “women” on the property. The club now is a very cozy eatery. The local ghost “Melvin” likes to play pranks and bug the ladies on staff and in the bar. has EVP’s (Disembody voices on voice recorders) and photos of our investigation from the night and updates. While communicating with Melvin here a member on the team had a camera that showed heat in different colors. When I was channeling and asked Melvin to hold my hand to use some Reiki I was channeling to help him communicate, my hands went from red to blue at the same time I told the other person with me my hands were getting cold. Two people witnessed the color change on the camera. It was very exciting.
October 26th I will be with Stevens Point Paranormal Club at Kristin’s Riverwalk as we host the Second Annual Ghost Tours around Stevens Point. Come out and learn some local history and see some local haunted places.

Go to to get tickets and information. I will be doing Angel card readings from 6pm to lam.

More next Monday!

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