Monday, November 25, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hello All,

I think we will take a second to address Thanksgiving. Now, we all know our history and that Thanksgiving was started as a meal shared between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims of the Mayflower that came over from England. I did a little “did you know” research and found that in 1863, President Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a National Holiday. It wouldn’t be until 1941 for Congress to set the date as the fourth Thursday in November. They did this because in 1939, FDR wanted to change the date. He had major backlash from the American public.

Traditionally at my house we would go to my grandmother’s to celebrate and gather with family and then watch the Packers. Now-a-days my mom plays hostess and we still watch some football. This is a day of “giving thanks” and we shouldn’t lose that idea. A prayer of gratitude for what has come into your life or what things you have that are in your life, is always a great idea know matter what time of year. A college friend of mine would make a list every day of what she was thankful for that day. Many times when starting to ask in prayer what it is you want with manifesting, it’s not a bad idea to acknowledge all that you have and are thankful for. So this year for Thanksgiving I encourage you to take a moment and be thankful for what it is you have in your life at this time.

On that note, how about a short ghost story? lol. So this weekend I was out with a friend and we went to look at a property he was interested in purchasing. Now, I had no clue we were going there or how old the place was, but it was built sometime in the 1800’s. When we quickly walked the property outside I had the feeling of an older woman following us. When he made a comment about a tree, I heard the words “town hall”. No idea what that meant. I wasn’t looking to communicate or run into any ghosts, so I wasn’t fully into being in tune. When we went inside to take a quick look around, I felt the presence of a little girl about 5 years old. She had long blonde hair and a play dress that stopped above her ankles with little black boots on. She ran here and there through the house as we were there. When we went upstairs, I felt there was a man following us. He had dark hair and a handle bar mustache. When we walked down the stairs back to the parlor area of the house and my friend walked quick toward the kitchen, I was looking in the hall when a door upstairs shut. I walked back upstairs to find a door that we had left open shut but another door was opened a crack and the key in the lock had a chain that hung down a bit with the room name on a circle attached to it. The chain hanging from the key was swinging back and forth. Kind of strange since we were the only ones in the house at the time. So I was a little bummed we couldn’t stay longer so I could put my flashlight down (yes I keep it in my purse) and see if I could have gotten a short session going.

Have an amazing week all!  Happy Thanksgiving!


**Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Wendy will not be posting Mystic Monday on December 2nd, but will return on Monday December 9th.

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