Monday, November 18, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hello All,

Did you honor the Full Moon on Sunday? It’s now time to manifest what you want to bring into your life.

Let’s talk about children this week. One of the paranormal team members called me this weekend and asked what to do with a child who sees things and just figured out that not everyone can see what he sees. How can a parent protect the child from the other side?

Children are open to the other side because they are so new to our side and they are innocent. They haven’t been programed to believe what is normal and what isn’t normal as deemed by society. Children will believe what you, their parent tells them and what their peers tell them. If they start talking to their peers about what they are experiencing and find out that their peers aren’t experiencing the same kinds of thing, they will stop telling and believing the things they see, thus shutting off their abilities. Now this might be an okay thing if it helps them cope until they are older and can understand and shield themselves.

My personal experience started with my youngest having “nightmares”. He told me he was seeing faces and eyes all over his walls and ceiling. His father just told him it was nothing and that there wasn’t anything out there that could hurt him. But it continued. I called a friend who is psychic and she was like really, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You have abilities and so do the kids. Your youngest sees people who have crossed over or are crossing over. Okay, so what can I do?  Well she said, pull out your Reiki manuals and draw protection and harmony in his room. Then I want you to teach him to ask the angels for help and to cross the people over so that they don’t bother him. So I did just that. I went into his room and drew protection and harmony. Then I asked the angels and guides to protect him and to keep it all away from him until he’s older and able to deal with it all better without too much fear. Things calmed down. However there are still times he’s asked me to protect his room at his dad’s house again. See, his father and I split up and dad tells him that all the things mom tries to teach are make believe and there is nothing around that he should be afraid of because it’s all just stories. He actually has our oldest believing there is no such a thing as the paranormal or anything related.

You can ask your child’s angels and guides to keep them safe and unbothered. If you and your child choose not to turn off their abilities then I suggest you learn some protection for them or have someone teach them how to shield and protect. They can wear or carry specific stones. They can shield themselves from unwanted energy. You can even shield their space from unwanted energy. Working with angels is easy all you have to do is ask. Ask your child’s angels and spirit guides to help them and keep them protected from any energy that isn’t for their highest good. I even gave my youngest angel cards to keep around his room and I gave him a protection stone. His father did tell me he didn’t want such things around and I needed to stop the nonsense. So make sure you and the other parent are on the same page.

We can get into more ways for your child to protect him or herself if you let me know that’s what you’d like. Just leave a comment. This week if you leave a comment you could win a free eBook of Mystic Monday! One lucky person will win!

Mystic Monday the Book is out in eBook form. I am waiting for the print proof and hope that soon it will be in book form on Amazon. Here is the link if you would like to purchase the eBook copy.

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All, 

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