Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tis the Season...already?

I can hardly believe that we are past Halloween, that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away and that Christmas is right around the corner! Where has this year gone?

But let’s talk about Christmas, my favorite time of year! I was given the title of “Christmas Queen” by my family and friends many years ago. I love to decorate for the holiday and no room goes untouched! My daughter often says even a 12 step program isn’t enough to stop me from buying more Christmas décor! Okay, I admit it, maybe I need a little help *wink*

It seems Christmas shows up earlier and earlier every year. Right after Halloween I started seeing Christmas commercials on TV and the Hallmark channel is already running Christmas movies! (Not that I’m complaining) This week while driving home from work I have seen several yards all decked out for the merry season…lit up and everything! And while sitting at a stop light I happened to turn my head and saw the inside of the home was decorated for the holiday— tree and all!

So, long story short…I am fighting the urge to put up all my Christmas pretties. (Yeah, maybe I do need some help) Usually I try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving before hauling all the totes up from the basement and then start making things merry. (Really, I never do the whole “black Friday” thing, I’d much rather play with my Christmas stuff, lol.) But this year Thanksgiving is so late, I’m reconsidering this. It generally takes me a good two weeks to get things all set up and I’m usually tweaking décor even on Christmas eve. So to lose an entire week has me a bit alarmed. Combine that with my day job schedule…I’m thinking that Christmas may just show up before Thanksgiving this year, lol. I do have to say that two weekends ago, while I was cleaning the house, I decided to rearrange the living-room, dining-room and the sunroom to make way for the impending explosion of Christmas decorations. Hey don’t judge me, I’m just planning ahead!

I’m intending on some great blog posts throughout the holidays and I’m hoping you’ll stop back often to see some of my decorating ideas, share in some of my favorite recipes for cookies and even some coffee & drink recipes! The question long can I wait before starting?

Happy Holidays!

(oh I love the sound of that!)

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