Monday, November 11, 2013

Mystic Monday


Today is Veteran’s Day. It was on this day during the 11th hour in 1918 that the Allied forces and Germany honored a cease fire and the Great War came to an end before the treaty of Versailles was signed in June 28, 1919 officially ending the war.

This day has become a holiday in the US to honor all veterans who have fought in our armed forces. Please take a moment to reflect on what that means to you and send a pray to thank those who have served out great nation.

Sunday the 17th is the Full Moon. I was going to say this moon is called the Hunter’s Moon, the Mourning Moon, the Snow Moon and the Beaver Moon. However, I find conflicting articles on the Hunter’s Moon. Some say it’s November and some say October. I’m going to go with November as a Hunter’s Moon because it should mark the full moon after the Harvest Moon which is at equinox. So depending on which traditions you are following the full moon marks time with many names.

This week we are going to talk about your body’s energy and protecting it, and how to manage it during this time of the year when we in the North find the sunlight is getting shorter, or some days, does not come out at all.

Protecting your energy: The first step to protecting your energy is making sure to cut your energy cords. Energy cords are connections you make with people around you throughout the day. Energy cords are present on all sides of the body. They are connections you put out to people and connections that people can put into you as you go through your day. This drains your energy and can cause an imbalance which can cause many effects. Symptoms could be irritability, you could feel drained or tired, a heaviness. When you clear the cords you should feel a difference in your energy almost immediately. I learned to physically sever these cords to clear my energy several times a day. Then I could mentally clear my energy. One can also ask Archangel Michael to clear the body’s energy of cords.

How to sever energy cords: Starting at the top of your head and working down you are going to physically bundle energy starting from the back and working forward. I do this around the chakras. So start with your hands in the back of your  head and bring them forward like you are creating a ponytail in front of the third eye and then  go down the body at all the chakras doing the same until you get to your feet. Then working feet up, start at the front and sweep your hands to the back bundling energy to the back moving all the way back to your crown. When you are at the crown bring your hands over your hands and bend them at the wrist touching your fingertips to each other. This creates a knife. Breathe in through your  nose, and as you exhale through your mouth, bring your hands down forcefully over the front of your body hold the intent to sever all energy cords which are not serving your highest good. As you breathe in, bring your hands to knife position again and as you exhale, go over the backside of your body severing all energy cords.

Now when you have done this a few times you can then do it mentally by saying I wish to sever all energy cords from my aura. Then mentally picture yourself severing all cords around your body.

Calling on Archangel Michael: All you need to do is ask that Archangel Michael to use his flaming sword to sever all energy cords from the front, back, left, right, above and below the body. You will feel a change in your energy.

During these longer dark months I find that Vitamin D also helps me to keep a balance in my energy and helps my mood. I take it in an oil form. Daily meditation helps as well, but like everyone I fall out of practice because of my daily schedule and lack of time. I need to work a little better on finding a few minutes a day to do this.

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