Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Garland & Lights Giveaway!

Hey there! Just letting you all know that tomorrow, Tuesday Dec. 10th , I will be starting the “Garland & Lights” Gift Basket and eBook Give Away! The winner will receive the gift basket & an eBook copy of “Garland & Lights”. This will be an “interactive” contest with a Daily question/activity posted on my Facebook page. To have your name entered in the drawing to win simply comment on the daily post…very simple. Participate every day to have your name entered to better your chance to win! The contest will end at midnight (CST) on Sunday Dec. 15th with the winner being announced at Noon (12:00pm CST) on Monday Dec. 16th.  Basket will be shipped only in the US.

Today's question has been posted and there's still time to participate! Just leave you comment (answer) under day's post!

Winter Calloway was planning a very special gift for her man for Christmas. She wanted to give him something he deserved…something he would never, ever forget. With the preparations made and the perfect details laid out, she puts into motion a memorable surprise that would, at least for her, end very merry and bright. Sometimes revenge really is the sweetest gift of all.


Upon entering their bedroom she turned down the covers on the bed, and lit the candle on the table next to her. A romantic ambiance soon filled the room. Winter scooted to the center of the bed, leaned back, positioning herself in the most enticing pose she could think of. By the look on Brice’s face when he entered the room, the reaction she was hoping for was obtained. She couldn’t help herself as her soft brown eyes scanned his masculine form as he stood at the foot of their bed, noting the apparent bulge between his legs. She gave him her most seductive smile and watched as he began to remove his clothing, leaving them in a heap on the floor. A minute later he was joining her on their bed, placing his body directly over hers.
Winter’s plan was working. Although she couldn’t tell if the quickening of her breathing, along with the rapidness of her pulse, was caused from the way Brice was nibbling on her neck, or from the apprehension of her surprise for him. She felt his large hand working its way between the red satin cup of the outfit, finding the nipple of her breast and expertly teasing it to a peak. She heard herself gasp when he lifted her breast out of its silky confinement, before he lowered his mouth to it and began working his teasing magic on it even more.
She felt like a puppet whose emotional strings and body were being worked by an expert puppeteer. Her body involuntarily arched to meet his, when she felt his manhood slowly begin to grind against her pelvic bone. With a will of their own, her arms clung on to him tightly as his teeth pulled on the nipple he was still toying with. Winter felt his hand begin to roam her body, finding its way to where her passion needed to be extinguished. It didn’t take Brice long to slide the sheer panties down her legs and out of his way. Struggling to get a hold of her senses, she opened her eyes, forcing herself to recall what she had seen at the café.
“Baby,” she whispered as she gently pushed him up from her chest. “I wanna ride you tonight.” She looked up at him and gave him a little wink. She knew he wouldn’t resist a chance at doing it his favorite way…and she was right. Without saying a word he rolled onto his back, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She would play the part of the loving, seductive temptress one more time.

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