Monday, January 27, 2014

Mystic Monday

Through this blog I am always happy to pass on new things I learn. This weekend I went up to Shell Lake, WI for a session with Kathy Bennett. She is a Reiki Master, Qigong instructor, among other energy working techniques she uses.

My session began with a little bit of knowledge she passed on. Now, some of the ideas I had some back ground in, and others I had no clue, so I’m here this week to pass some on since we’ve been talking about manifesting and making things better.
Here on this blog we’ve discussed things like meditation and how it helps you to raise your vibrations. When you raise your vibrations you attract things you would like in your life that vibrate at the same rate that you do. Now, in this we’ve talked about manifesting and putting out to the universe what it is you want. 

This weekend I learned, or relearned, that everything you put out comes back. I’ve also learned God is a “Yes” man. Kathy said, “It’s like God knows one English word and that word is Yes.” So watch what you ask for, or how you say things. So if I say, “My drive to work sucks today, or can it get any worse or better?”  God answers “Yes” and gives me more sucky experiences on my way to work. Also, watch the word Want. Historically the word “WANT” means a lack of. When you want something you lack having it. So when you say to the Universe or God, “I want a relationship” you are actually lacking a relationship and God or Universe says, “Yes, you do lack a relationship and because you said I want a relationship, you will continue to get the lack of having a relationship.” Make sense?

So we talked about using, “How does it get better than this?”  I learned this weekend that when you use How”, you are not using the creative part of your brain and are using your knowledge of life experiences to set up scenarios that may be lacking on you receiving the thing you are asking for. So you should use the question starting with the word “WHAT”. When you use What you use the right half of your brain which is the part where creativity is and the endless possible answers are to your question. It is also the part of the brain which makes communication with the Divine easier. Never answer your question or think about how to answer the question. Leave the answer to the Divine or the universe.

Yesterday was all about the heart and the energy of the heart. When you choose to use the energy from your heart, or think through your heart, the power is greater than thinking with your brain. I learned in 2007 and 2010 there were some energy shifts and those of us who are light-workers and wanted to be part of the shift were being protected by the universe. Those of us who may have not wanted to join in the shift are left behind. This year, 2014 is supposed to be the year of change for us all. Things will get better. We will start to understand the shift and what it means for all of us. This shift will bring about the shift from the brain to the heart. When we work with heart energy there is no need for protection from what we fear, because love is stronger and working from the heart is a higher vibration energy will be the protection from the lower vibrating energy that will not be able to touch us as we are working from higher vibrations.

To raise vibrations the lesson is to stay positive because when you lower yourself to fear, anger, and hate you invite all that into your life. There was an experiment done that illustrates this and she shared it with me. Once I reflected on it I realized this was nothing new to me as I had read it in a magazine once a few years ago. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment of the effects of positive and negative words on water. He took glasses of water and exposed them to words written in both Japanese and English. The words were Love, Hate, I will kill you, and Anger. Then he took the water samples and played classical music to the Love sample and Metal music to the others. After putting a few drops of water in a petri dish he then froze them. He then looked at the water crystals under a microscope. The water exposed to “love” were beautiful. The ones exposed to “negative” were colored yellow, dingy and distorted. 

I listen to classic rock…lol, so I guess I should change my music. Now, if our bodies are made up mostly of water what are you exposing all those water molecules to? Are you exposing them to negative or positive and how does that then effect your body’s health?  Just some questions I thought of. So if I can take my commute time into the cities and listen more to, say, Celtic music or instrumental then would that bring about a more positive change throughout my body and my thoughts? And if in the commute I put out there more positive to say the lovely people that cut me off rather than yelling “A-hole” to them would that then bring about change?  

Just some food for thought. Feel free to comment on what you are thinking.

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Have an amazing week and Blessings All.

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