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Happy Birthday Robin Renee Ray!

Hey everyone today is the birthday of someone who is very special and important to me, Robin Renee Ray!

Join me today in wishing her a very Happy Birthday! Robin is not only a wonderful author, but an even more wonderful woman. She is one girl who knows the true meaning of friendship and stands by every single word she speaks when it comes to loving her friends. I am honored to have her as my very best friend!

Robin is so amazing she is giving YOU a special gift for her birthday! You can get the first 3 Bloodbreeders eBooks in this phenomenal series for FREE! Just click on the links below to receive your gift from Robin! 

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If you want to read more on the Bloodbreeders series and for a sneak peek at what’s coming in Bloodbreeders: Lies Beneath London, the 4th book in this incredible series go over to Robin's blog.


Now it’s time for some fun! Here’s an interview I did with Robin a while back…

Hello everyone! I’m Savannah Rayne and I have the distinct pleasure of being able to interview the very talented Robin Renee Ray! So please give her a warm welcome! (virtual applause) Robin is a Multi-genre author and is a  #1 bestselling, multi-genre author! 

Savannah: Hey Robin! How ya doing today?

Robin: Absolutely wonderful.

Savannah: I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and chat with us. 

Robin: You are most welcome…Thank you for this amazing invite.

Savannah: First I guess I’d like to ask, how long you have been writing and what prompted you to do so?

Robin: Well, I wasn’t one of those who had a dream, or wanted to become a writer. I pretty much didn’t write anything more than a postcard until a little over five years ago. I had truly become a fan of reading in my mid-thirties and some ten years later, my first Grand was born and that writing brick slammed me in the back of the head. So, one could say it was the birth of my “Grands” that prompted me into opening my mind...LOL

Savannah: As I mentioned earlier, you are a Multi-genre author. What genre is your favorite to write?

Robin: Without a doubt it would be Horror.

Savannah: Do you find one genre more difficult to write in than others?

Robin: You have no idea…LOL Me and romance do not get along. When I can’t take one of my contemporary projects anymore, I write a short horror read to refresh my brain. Then and only then, can I jump back into the romance. It just works for me. ;)

Savannah: Can you tell us where the idea for the Bloodbreeders series came from?
Robin: It is my very first baby, so to speak. I couldn’t type, spell…didn’t have any schooling to speak of, but I had this wild story that was stuck in my head. Bloodbreeders starts in a place called Burkett Texas in the book, that is also where I go to write in this series. It all came about while I was goofing off in the little cemetery in this one horse town, the very cemetery that I grew up playing in. And to be honest, I had this type of vampire in mind that would be different than all of the many books that I had read.

Savannah: If Bloodbreeders were to be made into a movie, who would you like to see play the roles of Renee and Martin?

Robin: This is truly a hard question for me. I have no clue. Most male actors that I love would be too old. *Snicker* I’m just not up on the younger stars out there. I absolutely adore Milla Jovovich, from Resident Evil, and The Fifth Element…but even she may be too old to play Renee. I would just have to leave this up to others in the event that it were to ever happen. 

Savannah: I know you’re a Grandma and you spend quite a bit of time with the Grand’s. What are their names and ages?

Robin: Akasha is the oldest and the grand we named after The Queen of the Damned…LOL She will turn 6 on her next birthday. She is just like her mommy, extremely smart and she knows it. Shya, the youngest just turned 3 and she is my little handful. She will be the one that gets sent home for telling the teacher ‘NO’ too many times…LOL They are my world and my muses.

Savannah: Can you tell us what your favorite thing to do with them is?

Robin: Anything…just watching them sleep fills my soul with a joy that can’t be explained. Our favorite all time fun thing however, is playing in the mud. 

Savannah: So what do the little darling’s think of Grandma’s writing? 

Robin: Shya is too young to even understand right now, but the oldest loves it. She can see one of my book covers and ever time will point at my name and say, “That’s you, huh Grandma.” It makes me so proud!

Savannah: I heard through the grape vine, that you have co-authored a very special book. Can you tell us about that?

Robin: Yes, I do have a co-author and she is outstanding. Unless she is fighting with her sister then I have to send her to the corner...LOL Akasha L. McBee, my oldest grand is that co-author and creator of every creature in The Tale of Two Toodlgnomes, a children’s adventure series.

Savannah: What is the biggest challenge you face when writing?

Robin: I love my peeps more than words can say, but being interrupted at every turn is my biggest challenge. Had there been no spell-check, it would have been my number one. ;)

Savannah: What is the one thing you’d like to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Robin: I have done more than I ever thought I would, so one could say that I have exceeded all and more of my accomplishments in life. Now it’s all about having fun and enjoying the Blessings that come my way. 

Savannah: Would you share with us one secret about yourself that most people don’t know?

Robin: I’m a pretty open book, but I don’t think that the world knows that I can laugh myself sick through a really scary movie. Where most are screaming or covering their face…I am cracking up!!!

Savannah: Is there any advice you’d like to give to the Grandma’s out there, who might be struggling with starting the game later in life, as far as writing or getting published?

Robin: Yes, I would say “Go For It” and don’t let age or others stand in your way. Many things come and go with age, but our ability to create with our minds is endless…Like I said, I didn’t even pick up my first full length novel until my mid-thirties and then waited another ten years to give writing a chance. I know many say, ‘if I can do it anyone can’…well, I mean it. If a drop-out from the 70’s, a Dyslexic, and a woman who began later in life can do this…believe me when I say…You can too! 

Savannah: And one last thing Robin, I’m just dying to know, when was the last time you cut your hair? LOL My goodness it’s so long and beautiful!

Robin: I cut about 9 inches three years ago when it got sucked up into the vacuum...LOL other than that, it’s been about 15 years. My peeps just call me Cousin Its Cousin. ;)

Savannah: Well folks. I think it’s time to let Robin get back to her day. Thank you again Robin for sharing with us a little bit about yourself and your writing. But before you go, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a little Snoopy Dancing for us?!!


Savannah: OMG! Robin that was great! Thanks for making my day!

Robin: You owe me BIG TIME Savannah! LOL

Savannah: LOL it's worth it! It has been a real pleasure chattin’ with you.

LOL…I never get tired of seeing her Snoopy Dance!

I'd like to whole heartily thank everyone for stopping by! 

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  1. You are so silly..LOL But many thanks for everything~ Love you lots!!!! Would not know what to do without you????

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