Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Valentine’s Day has lead us to a few blogs about love. This week we are going to continue with love but a different way to look or think about it, and we will see if we can spark some comments.

Today I have been inspired to go a different way with the subject love. Why is it we sometimes feel an instant comfort or connection to someone we have just met? 

 Or, for that matter chemistry or passion in which we just can’t keep our hands off the other person? 

Karma ties? Past Lives? Lessons? Life Contracts? Do any of these ring any bells? If you follow the blog they should, if you do not then let me introduce some new ideas to ponder.

On the other-side we make our life contracts with people we wish to learn from to evolve our souls. Past lives are lives we have lived before. Some with people we know in this life time, which is why when you see someone for a first time and you instantly feel like you know them, you may because your soul recognizes them. This can also explain the instant attraction to someone. 

You may be pulled to someone due to karma ties. Karma ties can be those from past lives in which you and the person in question have shared some experience and the karma or lesson between the two of you is not done and therefore you are together again to learn. This can be something that is involved and takes a long time or something that can be brief. 

You may be repeating patterns with different partners because you haven’t learned what it is you have charted as your lesson. You may also be repeating patterns with someone you are involved with because you are not seeing what it is you should be learning. You may meet someone who you are instantly attracted to, or maybe you’re not attracted to them physically but you are in some other way all because you have contracted with them to teach or learn something with them.

When you get into these situations it is best to step back and look at the situation. What is it your brain is trying to tell you? What is your heart saying? 

When you get into these situations quiet your mind and listen to your inner wisdom. That is something in which I need to remind myself of.

Until next week.

Blessings All,

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