Monday, March 3, 2014

Mystic Monday

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Did you get your free copy of Mystic Monday the Book on Kindle last week? I was amazed at how many people downloaded the book. Thank you to everyone who did. I may have another free download week coming up.

Okay, Dates:  Tuesday is Fat Tuesday! Happy Mardi Gras! Wednesday is Ash Wednesday for all you Christians out there. Sunday is Daylight Savings Time so set those clocks ahead! Crap! That means we lose an hour of sleep.

So this weekend I went to an expo with my friend Michele and we did some shopping and both had readings done. Karma connections came up in mine, and that leads to past lives…so there is our topic for today.

Before we go there though I want to quick add that Savannah and I were talking this week and she asked about the job interviews her honey had, and would he get offers. Well, I saw a big chicken and a fence and said, "What does a chicken have to do with a job?" Rule number one: Speak what spirit gives you and let your client figure it out. So I told her “yes” both interviews would give offers. She then told me one was located near chickens….lol…a day later he had an offer for the place near the chickens.

So past lives and karma here we go.

Savannah sent me these questions:

Why do we have deep attractions to people? (we’re talking relationship)
Does that always mean it’s probably a past life?
Do both parties feel it?
What happens if one fights it?  (didn’t they agree on the contracted lesson?)

Deep attractions to people that are instant:

It’s been my experience and of those of clients and friends, that deep connections to a datable person are often karma connections brought on by past life experiences.

What does that all mean? Well let’s explain by example. You meet someone. He’s amazing. He is good looking. He helps you in and out of the car. There is this chemistry between you. You two can talk about anything and you two are very comfortable right from the get go. The biggest thing is when you look in his eyes, you feel like you are with the one you should be with or you feel like you know him/her already. 

Now this can go other ways. You could feel like you belong with that person about he/she bugs the hell out of you. You could feel like you belong with that person but you’re just not sure why? You are staying in a relationship, or go back to the relationship even when it’s dysfunctional?

So now to explain. You and the other if you believe, have shared past lives. The two of you have done things to each other that may be good or bad and have learned lessons from those experiences in those lives. While you’ve been together before you then accrue karma debt. Now, when you both cross over to the other-side and meet up over there and when writing this life’s courses and lessons, you agree to get together and try to teach other again…boom you have that instant feeling you belong together which can explain all of the above. If you choose to be in a relationship this time around, in the moment you are working through your lessons and karma and if you walk away, then you may have to repeat it at sometime in other lives. If you chose to walk away and not even go there, you may have learned the lesson with that person because the lesson is to walk away from the characteristics that person has. Maybe that person isn’t for your highest good and the lesson was to recognize those characteristics.

The instant attraction doesn’t always mean past life. It could mean you recognize the person’s soul as one you contracted with. The person could also be one from your soul group, so you would recognize him or her as part of your group.

Do both parties feel it? Well, that is different for everyone. However, it’s been in my experiences and that of clients, that "yes" both feel it. (of course, that’s if the other person was being truthful when they agreed with what you are telling them)

If one fights it or walks away, well maybe he or she isn’t ready and you’ll have to repeat it, or he/she will learn it from someone else that they could have contracted with to come in later and teach them or learn from them. You will then also have a different person come in and teach or learn from you the same experiences so you aren’t cheated the lesson. They did on the other side agree to the lesson, with you but that doesn’t mean that the free will in this life can’t over ride what you’ve contracted. So, if they walk away there will be someone else to come along and give you the experience you were to learn.

Well this week we covered some interesting questions and I hope I did them justice. So please comment away.

You can go to my website to find the link to Mystic Monday the Book to buy your copy. If you’d like a signed copy please drop me an email and I will do my best to make arrangements to sign a copy and send it to you fast. I will be doing signing events later this year as the weather here in Wisconsin improves.

Blessings All,

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