Monday, March 10, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Let’s jump in with dates you should know this week.

Sunday the 16th is the full moon. It is the night to manifest. Make your list and burn it under the moon’s full power. 

Monday the 17th St. Patrick’s Day. And in St. Paul it’s a party. 

Tuesday the 18th Celtic Tree month of Alder begins.

Thursday Spring is official. We’ll talk more of this next week.

Well I don’t know if we can ever wrap up love and relationships but let’s do our best so we can move on and talk of other things this month.

My friend Tami, owner of  Body Lab USA has been encouraging me to learn my damn lesson to really learn “self-love” and work on my heart chakra before getting myself into relationships. Well, of course I didn’t listen because well, I’m a Leo…And well, no matter how I may think “I got this”, I sure the heck didn’t until I had the ah-ha moment just recently.

What the hell am I talking about? Well long story short, when I divorced I thought I was ready to get into a relationship. I wasn’t able to get my own place because my name was still tied to the house and there was a lot of debt that I had to repay before I could think of getting a place of my own. Many years later and of sharing our marital property, I was finally able to purchase my own place as my debt was paid off. While living in the house—but divorced—I did date. Seeking for someone who could make me happy but never really finding him. There have been two who I still believe I could be happy with and be loved unconditionally by, but timing was off and I may have screwed that up. I guess time will tell if one or both come back into my life and if not I am more than happy as I am and moving forward. 

Happiness is not something one person can give you, you have to create it all yourself. That for me has been a long hard lesson and now love which goes hand in hand with happiness has to start with the self. I am finding that lesson out as I have moved into my own space. Looking back even though I was divorced I was not truly happy nor did I have love for myself. How can one love one’s self when there is no peace or happiness and one is stressed out over living conditions and what not. Now okay this may seem petty to someone else and you could say well suck it up and move on. But that is not always easy, and everyone goes through what we go through to teach and learn. 

In my own space, I have learned I am now happy with myself and life. I have learned now I can attract someone who is healthy for me and can love me unconditionally because I can love myself and be happy with things as they are on my own. I can spend weekends alone and at home in my comfy clothes all weekend and be brain dead if I want and it makes me happy, or I can go do something and still be happy. I couldn’t before as I was living in conditions that would not allow me to grow or de-stress enough to be happy. I see that now.

I picked this book up last weekend while out shopping. I never pay full price for books but I did this one because I had a nagging feeling there was information in it I needed. Well, I had time to kill so I bought it and sat in the café at the store and began reading. Here are some of the things I learned and ponder as I have reflected on them.

Forgiveness and giving thanks are part of love and relationships. Just recently I found the time to write someone who I had been involved with on and off for the last few years. It wasn’t so much to touch base but to let him know how thankful I was for him being in my life and how I see now how truly happy I am on my own in my space and how I wish that for him. I’m not worried any longer about finding “the one” because he will find me, because I no longer need a knight in shining armor to rescue me from anything  other than maybe a day of being bored….lol.

I have told you all some pretty personal things and I hope you can learn quicker than I did through what I went through. I encourage you to pick up the above book if you are having problems with love. I have notes about karma and past lives affecting our love and ability to love which we talked about last week. I also have some notes about forgiving and how to love one’s self and to find what makes you happy.

Remember this, relationships change and they grow as we change and grow. I have changed a great deal in the last 7 months and hope that I have grown so that eventually I can find the man who has “stay power” or he will find me. 

Please comment and let me know what you would all like covered in future blogs.
I will be attending an Expo in Eau Claire, WI in April. Please keep in touch with the website for information.

Until next week… Blessings All,

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