Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finally...I'm back!

Hey there everyone! 

Well it’s been awhile since I posted a blog here myself and all my other social networking sites have been quiet for the past month. This has been due to packing and getting ready for a move to a new town. Exciting—yes, but a lot of work and a pain in the rear-end. 

With that behind me and most of the unpacking complete, I finally had time to sit with a cup of coffee and, well, write a blog post! This past weekend I decided to make one of the upstairs bedrooms my “writing cave” and worked on getting that all set up. Hopefully now the creative writing juices will start flowing again. I have sooooo many WIP’s started that I really do need to get writing and complete them! Never fear, I will have several new releases this year in both the horror and romance genres!

Last week we finally had a day where we reached 60 degrees after a LONG winter…only to wake up to 2 inches of newly fallen wet, heavy snow on Monday. It seems Old-Man Winter will just not give up his hold on us! The new house has a really nice deck out back with a great yard. 

I’ve envisioned getting my patio furniture all set up, the grill, and planting some flowers. 

Guess it might be a while yet because there’s more “yuck” predicted in the weather forecast for this week. 

So to chase the winter-blues away I made the blog a little “Springy” looking, lol. At this point anything colorful makes me feel better.

I can’t tell you how ready I am for some nice, warmer weather to get here! I know, soon enough I’ll be complaining how gosh-darn hot it is, lol.

This weekend is Easter Sunday…I wish you and your family a very wonderful and blessed day.

I’m planning a special surprise for next week…so watch for the coming updates!

I’m hoping all is wonderful in your world and just know I plan on things getting back to normal : )


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