Monday, August 11, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

There are no dates to talk about this week. However, I hope everyone used the Super Moon on Sunday night to manifest. I had my dates mixed up and did a ritual on Saturday night and then did another on Sunday. This week I’m just going to do a few reminders.

I’ve been having this nagging feeling of getting back into practicing to help heal my heart chakra. I bought a book about a year ago or better about working with the shadow-self so that’s what I am going to start doing. Now being a Reiki practitioner it is also important to do self-treatments which I haven’t done in forever, so back into that habit I need to get. So I challenge you to do as I do and set aside as little as 5 minutes for yourself to "just be" or if you are into Reiki or intuitive healing use that time for self-treatments. 

In weeks to come we will talk about the shadow-self and working with the moon cycles. And there is a reminder there. If you are manifesting with the full moon remember to also honor the new moon and release everything that isn’t for your highest good.

This week I thought we’d talk about calling in angels to help us in everyday activities. Angels are always available for us to help us with whatever we need help with. The Archangels love it when we call on them for help. Do not be afraid to ask for help for everything from little things to big things. If you’re out shopping ask for the angels to help you with a parking spot. If you are traveling ask not only for protection around the car for a safe trip but you can ask for the way to be clear of anything that may hold you up. I ask for protection around the car and then I ask that all animals be kept away from my car (deer when traveling across Wisconsin). No problem is too big or small so ask. That is my reminder for this week. 

This weekend I suffered from sunburn. Lavender oil helps take the sting out. So if you are short on aloe vera gel, use lavender oil to help. 

Have a great week!

Blessings All,

The Protectors

In their mighty armor
They guard us one by one
The Lord’s special army
Angels from God the Son
The special soldiers are assigned
With duties day to day
Who protect and watch over us
When things come along our way
So when we are in danger
The protectors are at our side
To help us along the way
And who will always be our guide

Patti Belopavlovich

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