Monday, August 4, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All, Can you believe it’s August? I can’t. Where has summer gone? It sure hasn’t felt like summer. 

Let’s get to some dates for this week…

August 5th, Tuesday is the beginning of the Celtic Tree month of Hazel.

 August 10th, Sunday is the full moon so manifest away! 

Did you know that we not only carry all the baggage from our past lives that we haven’t learned, but we also carry emotional baggage from our ancestors?

Can you believe that? Like we don’t have enough to work through with our own stuff,  but we can have emotional stuff  handed down from great grandparents, that’s just not fair…right?  Well I went to a healer this weekend and that’s just what he told me. This healer did Emotional Coding. He works with your energy self to release the emotional ties from this life, other lives you’ve had, and then stuff you’ve inherited from your family. 

Now the cool thing is he uses magnets to pull all this garbage out by running them down your spine. I Went in to this session feeling like bring it, kick my butt, let’s move some emotional baggage so I can move forward and get my stuff together so that I get closer to my soul mate coming in and what not. I can tell you I felt it. The first time those magnets went down my back I felt a huge part of my spine actually ground. It was like I was being pulled down to the earth. With the second issue that needed to go, the magnets felt a little like they were pulling on something at my belly chakra and every issue after that I just felt lighter and more at peace. Today, a day after the session, I feel pretty good and I feel like I’ve moved forward a bit spiritually. 

Some friends and I are learning about Twin Flames. I’ve written about it a little here. I did find out this weekend that when we work on ourselves we are also working on our twin flame hopefully, bringing the two of us closer to being together in this life.

Well that’s about all I have for this week. Savannah and I were kicking around some questions related to death and had a good discussion on the phone. I will leave you to pander one of our thoughts and maybe you will comment and let us know what you think? Does someone who crosses over have to cross over ASAP or is there a time frame where they can try to communicate with loved ones about maybe an issue to resolve or one last thing they want said?  

Blessings All,

**Patti is a school friend I grew up with in Michigan, she is publishing her work.  I told her we could include some on the blog. 

Through Heaven’s Door

Here I am in Heaven
And I see you every day
I know that you miss me
At work or at play
I know how you need me
But the Lord needed me more
Joy is all around me
As I walk through Heaven’s door
Keep in mind my friends
I’m never too far away
I’m always in your hearts
And just a prayer away 

Author ~ 

Patti Belopavlovich

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