Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,
I am back from Sedona and want to talk about ghosts again since we're close to Halloween. But there will be a personal spin on this story since it happened while I was in AZ.
 First, I just want to put this factoid out there. Halloween is not the only time the veil between the worlds thin out. Christmas is a longer time the veil between worlds thins and it does so because of the old holiday 12th night. More about this, during Christmas. But yes there are 12 days the veil thins and loved ones can come through.

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Sedona with a friend who lives in Scottsdale. We drove to Bell Rock to hike and climb which was one of my favorite days while in AZ. The second day we drove to some sights in Sedona and did some shopping. Those two days I was fine. I felt great. Thursday night it started. I began to feel weepy and didn't want to alert my friend so I sucked it up and just continued my vacation as if nothing was wrong. Friday it got worse and Saturday by the time I got home I was so tired of trying to hold it all in I just cried. Sunday was my worst day so I called my healer. Yes I’m a healer, but the disadvantage to being a healer you can't always clear the crap away on your own. Just like I can't read for myself. So I went to my healer and the first thing she says is "When did you leave Sedona and when did you start feeling like you are going to break down and cry?"  I said Thursday we left and Thursday night I started feeling like something was wrong but Friday I started random tears here and there with it getting worse over the weekend. Well, she looked at me and said, "You brought back 2 dark entities with you. They are right here in your energy field feeding on the emotions you are refusing to let out and that you're pushing down."  So she cleared them and then I had homework of releasing and clearing myself. What did I learn?  When going to power places such as Sedona, Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock always shield!  So all you healers, psychics and what not learn from my mistake and remember to shield because things latch on to those of us that are light workers.

Ghost Story:  Tonto Natural Bridge State Park AZ.
Being a medium is not something one can turn on and off as easy as one thinks. I had told my friend I would do my best not to start any conversations with ghosts if we ran into any. I tried, I really did. And technically I didn't actually talk.
We were buying our pass to get into the park and had to do so in the Ranger Station. The cabin was there for many years. I'm sorry I don't know the history of the place. As he was purchasing our pass, I was walking around a common room looking at photos on the wall of people who founded the park. As I was walking and looking I felt the presence of a male around. He wasn't a threat and didn't mind me being there. When my friend was done we walked into the gift shop, a little room just off the common area. We were looking at all the trinkets when I felt a female around. She didn't like me being there. I thought if I ignore her, she will leave us alone and we can continue looking around in peace. Wrong!  Within a few seconds of feeling her around me, I ran for the door with my hand over my mouth because I was going to get sick. My friend followed and found me by the porch rail trying to ground and catch my breath and thinking please don't get sick. Again I didn't shield because, 1. I'm on vacation and 2. I'm not trying to find ghosts and communicate I'm there to hike and have fun! I told my friend what had happened and said I'm sorry I tried not to talk to ghosts on vacation, but I can't always control what happens when I walk into a place that is haunted. I felt better as soon as I was out the door. Apparently she didn't want me to find her and try to talk her into crossing over or talking about her at all. We walked to the truck and found a place to park. Our hike was beautiful. I did however feel a friendly female presence while on the hike. You may be able to see here in the photo.

This Photo I just discovered on my camera. When I took it, it was blurry but I took it because I felt like someone was standing there. Once I looked at it on my computer I could make out the outline of a woman standing in the middle of the photo against the wall. I'm not sure you can see her here.

So please learn from my forgetfulness and shield even when you think you may not need it.
If you are in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area I will be at the Best Western on Saturday the 29th for a Holistic Event. The cost of the event is $5.00 and there will be classes offered all day. Please stop in and say hi to me. Mention this blog and I'll give you a reading for 10 dollars. That's half off!
Blessings All, and as always please ask questions.

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