Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey!

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I hope you enjoy this interview I did with Keira Kroft.

Hi everyone, I’m Savannah Rayne
and today I have the great honor to interview
the certifiably crazy Keira Kroft.

Savannah: Good morning Keira! Thank you for taking the time today to sit and chat with me for a bit.

Keira: Thank you so much for asking me, it’s cool to just sit and chat, I rarely get to do that anymore as you know, since you’re my best friend J You are still my best friend right? We have both been so busy, I wouldn’t notice if we weren’t, LMAO J Sad and funny, but also true.

Savannah: Well Keira, could you tell us about your writing habits?

Keira: Yes, they involve pure determination and lots and lots of coffee!

Savannah: What prompted you to start writing?

Keira: No other choice than to let the characters in my head—out, it was getting to full up there. It was either start writing or be doomed to eventually walking the streets late at night alone muttering to myself.

Savannah add in: **whispers** I thought we weren’t telling people how we really met!

Savannah:  I understand you have a vampire story coming out in the near future with Hellfire Publishing, could you tell us a little about that?

Keira: Yes, Inamorata is the first in the series entitled One Bloody Night. There will be three and each will take place in one night and will be centered on the same characters, a group of vampires headed up by an old world Spanish prince. I will divulge quite a bit more info on this during my Table Talk Tuesday interview that will be coming soon.

Savannah:  You also have a horror version of The Wizard of Oz out with Hellfire Publishing right now, tell us about it.

Keira: Bad Moon Rising Over Oz is a very dark take on Dorothy’s journey through Oz. In this case Auntie Em has sold Dorothy’s soul to the devil, with some clauses in the contract, like upon Dorothy’s death she has to actually march up to Satan himself and shake his hand. So the devil and his sorceress girlfriend create an elaborate adventure known as the Land of Oz to dupe Dorothy into believing that Beelzebub is the great wizard, also seeking him out, thinking he is her only way home.

Savannah: Your first written and published story is Glow in the Dark, what made you choose Romance for your first, and horror for your second?

Keira: I didn’t, it just kind of happened that way. Each one of my stories has a unique take, characters and agenda. So there is no trademark in my work that way.

Savannah: You started out at another publishing company, what made you choose to start writing for Hellfire Publishing?

Keira: I love the opportunity that Decadent gave me when they published my very first piece of work. They are awesome and I highly recommend them as a publisher. But since I was first picked up by Decadent,  I started Hellfire Publishing which has taken on quite a life of its own and I believe in it and I can’t imagine being anywhere else, ever.

Savannah: Out of your characters, who is your favorite and why?

Keira: I am torn between Jake the fireman and Lucius the vampire, because when I created these characters, I birthed them with perfection in mind, who do I think would be the perfect man? Well with that question in mind, I created Jake and he is awesome. I did the same with Lucius the Vampire. It’s Lucius’s imperfections that make him so wonderful.

Savannah: You own a comic book store and Hellfire Publishing; so will we be able to expect more stories from Keira Kroft, or are you too busy for that?

Keira: Yes definitely! I have over 34 stories partially written.

Savannah:  So now for a little about the personal side of Keira Kroft…What’s your favorite animal and why?

Keira: Cows, because they are such massive creatures with gentle souls, you can see it in their eyes.

Savannah: What’s your favorite flower and why?  

Keira: Black rose, because they are beautiful and I am Goth at heart. Natural black roses are such a dark purple that they look like black velvet and are the most beautiful flower, I have ever seen.

Savannah: What’s your greatest fear and why?

Keira: I have a phobia of fire. But I also have an obsession with fire. I loved Backdraft & Ladder 49 and have never, ever missed an episode of Rescue Me and my first book was about a firefighter and there will be more where that came from.

Savannah: What is your greatest achievement?

Keira: The lesson learned that I could truly do anything I wanted!

Savannah: What is your favorite supernatural/paranormal creature and why?
Keira: Vampires, because they are sexy, strong and immortal.

Savannah: Please tell us something that might surprise your fans.

Keira: I am a sports nut, I love Football and wrestling and I of course love Comic books J

Savannah: Do you have any web sites or blogs you wish to share with us today? And where else can we find you on the web?

Keira: Hee Hee J I am not much of a web person J

You can find me at:
FB fan pages

Savannah: Thank you again for taking time out of your very busy and crazy day to talk to me! **whispers** Now come on Keira, we need to get you back in time for your medication and before someone notices you’re missing J

Keira:  I have enjoyed chatting to you Savannah.  We must do it again sometime. J
**whispers** But I don’t want to go back yet, I want to stay here and play with the devil

                        And watch for Keira Krofts Inamorata

                         Coming soon from Hellfire Publishing

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