Monday, February 13, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hello All,

It was a busy weekend in Hartford this Saturday. The people were very friendly. Hartford, WI was different than what I thought. I was expecting a suburb of Milwaukee to be like over near the Twin Cities, an extension of the city. I was suprised to feel at home in Hartford, as it was a smaller town with farm fields around which made this Yooper turned Central Wisconie kid feel comfortable.

The expo was smaller, but fun, with very warm energy to it. I met a lot of people who were just looking for information on what it is I do and what Reiki is all about. A bunch of questions about what is it like to talk to guides, what are guides and does everyone have them. I also had the opportunity talk with friends who own Maple House of Arts and met a bunch of new holistic providers. Expos are always a good time.

Ok, what to talk about other than my busy schedule. Oh wait! Next week I'm off to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to investigate a haunted supper club. So make sure to check out next Monday, because I'll tell all about it!

So taking a page from the expo, let's talk Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides are people on the other side that you have contracted with to help you create your life path and the lessons you want to learn in this life. They can access your contracts and re-write your contacts with others or simple get rid of contacts you make with others when that other just isn't getting the lesson you two were trying to teach each other.

Spirit Guides can be people you shared past lives with. Sometimes a guide might be someone who has crossed over from this life before you have and has come back to help you as a guide. It's sort of rare that this happens.

People can have many guides and for different things.  I have two protective guides and a medical guide that I have met. 

I have read for a friend who had a medical guide come through and then a financial guide.  He was in marketing and heavy into other people’s money with contracts, so not a surprise his financial guide came through.

Mostly though, I met people's protective guides and or medical guides.  Why?  Because those are the ones I work with in healing sessions.

There is a great book out there by Ted Andrews "How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides".  The meditations in this book will help you get to know all of your guides.  I suggest writing everything down in a notebook after you've done the meditations, so you can come back to the information and look it over and not forget any of it.

Next week we will talk a little more about Spirit Guides and how to contact them in upcoming blogs. I would like next week to also talk about the Ghost Investigation that happens on Saturday Night.

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I wanted to post love spells, however, spells are wrong in some cases because you are messing in the area of a person's Free Will.

To avoid messing with Free Will and the Karma that can go with it that will bite you in the bum in the future or other lives, let’s talk manifest love instead.
If you are out there looking for that Mr. or Mrs. Right, I want you to start manifesting it. Take your phone off the hook, shut it off. Light a candle and get comfortable. Play an instrumental cd (the kind without singing).

Close your eyes; center yourself and then begin by telling the Universe exactly what you want in a mate. Get as specific as you can. Think of all the qualities you want your ideal person to have and list them. I’m not talking just physical. Say something like I am open and ready for my Mr. Right, my man to come into my life. He is tobacco free, free from drugs and can drink alcohol in socail situations only. He has to return my calls and txt promptly and know basic home and car repair.... You get the idea.
Then after you've stated what you want I want you to hold a picture of that person in your mind's eye for a minute and see yourself happy with that person. If you can, let yourself feel that person around you and holding you. When you feel good about what you've asked for, give thanks to the universe and then end your session.

The more you do this and match your vibes to the vibes of what you want, it will come into being when it's all supposed to happen. You cannot push it.

If you have any questions please ask away and I will do my best to answer them or find the answers. 

Blessings All,                                             


Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

For questions or more information regarding upcoming events, please contact Wendy : )


It’s Party Time!
Welcome to the The Circle of Friends, Riddles and Giveaways...Happy Valentine's Party~~~Feb 13th

Answer a riddle and win the e-book of the author that wrote it…and they are Great! The party is a pop in and pop out throughout the day, interview with a wonderful group of talented authors. You can answer which-ever writer’s riddle that will be color-coded. Once the riddle turns black, the riddle has been answered and that book has been won. Great thing there is, Hellfire Publishing is drawing two commenters every two hours and they win whatever eBook they what from HP and they have a wonderful collection to chose from.

We have a beautifully filled Valentine Basket that will go to one very lucky winner! All authors that are giving autographed novels will be sending them directly to the winner, and the rest of the goodies will come in a cluster of excitement!

Valentine Basket will include…

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Autographed copy of Was Once a Hero from Edward Mckeown

Two scented Candles, Bubble Bath…E-Book Bloodbreeders 1 and 2, Autograph copy of Dark Knight of the Skye… Robin Renee Ray

Autograph copy of Time for Death book one from the Liz Baker series…Christie Silvers

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Heart shaped box of candy, $25.00 Gift Card …Children’s author A. L. McBee with Hellfire Publishing

Autographed copy of Santa Fa Son…Ellen McKinney…

Three E-books of choice from Hellfire Publishing

Valentine Goodies from J. Gunn

E-book copy of Shattered from Patrick Royal after release.

There will be 10 plus authors doing a small interview, then asking a riddle. All commenters go into the drawing for the gift basket. At least 10 will be drawn to win e-books. And those who answer the riddles will get two entries into the Valentine Basket drawing, as well as win that authors book. It is going to be fun! The authors will be popping in and out to answer and just say hello on the comment feed. We ask that if you have won two books by answer riddles that you give others a chance...But... After 4pm EST it is open house on all riddles and anyone or only one can win them all…if they have the answer. ;)

All that have entered by visiting our featured authors throughout the first part of the month are all in the drawing for the basket as well.

So head on over to Robin Renee Ray’s blog and join the party!


  1. i never knew any of that. i really enjoyed reading it. tysm for sharing it with us. hugs.

  2. Wonderful as always, Wendy!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Savannah...You are a real doll!!!

    Big Hugs~<3

  3. Thank you both for stopping by! Wendy always has such interesting things to say, I'm already looking to learning out more myself!

    Have a wonderful day : )