Monday, March 19, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
I have not a clue what to cover today!  So I want you all to write in and let me know what you have questions about and what you want covered.
Next week I will have a ghost story or two for you. I am investigating with the Stevens Point Paranormal Club next Saturday. We will be at a few locations downtown Stevens Point, WI. Then after Easter I will have the photos and video links for you so you can catch all of us in action.

Spring Equinox is Wednesday!  This is the day where day and night are equal in time. Ostara is the celebration of old when the God and Goddess walked the fields causing creatures to reproduce. This is a time of new beginnings; a time to create and manifest.
Ok so we talked last about Spirit Guides and communicating with them. Are you having any experiences?

Remember it is ok to test your guides and the information they give you so you can build a trust with them. They won't get offended.
Keep a journal of all the information you are getting through your meditation sessions with your guides. It's also not a bad idea to keep a dream journal because they may come through to you while you are asleep.
The biggest piece of advice I can give you is put it out there that you want to communicate with them and then practice it by asking them questions that you can get validation for. You always have to ask for their help first. We as humans have free will and they can't help unless you ask for it. The same applies to working with angels. You have to ask for their help.
Ok so I'm going to give you homework and through-out the week I want questions so I can build a plan of what to address in the next few blogs.

I will be at Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids, WI on March 31st. The cover is $5. Tiffany Johnson will be there offering a class for $25. I will be doing readings and Nemeton Reiki. Stop in and mention that you follow me on Mystic Mondays and I will discount your session by $5. I will also have photos from investigations with SPPC.

Blessings All and write me some questions. J

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. I would like to know what the proper way is to go about accepting healing? Because I am a strong believer in mind over matter.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi Keira,
    The best way to accept a healing is to go in with an open mind and just tell your guides and or angels that you are willing to accept the healing energy for your highest good. Then just lay back and relax while your practitioner does the work. If you are not comfortable going in to someone there is always the option to learn from a Reiki Master how to use Reiki for self healing..

  3. Thanks for the question because now I have an idea of branching a blog into different forms of Reiki and energy working. :) Blessings.