Monday, May 6, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

This week we are going to get into some of the nature spirits you could encounter while out in the yard or in nature. I think here in Wisconsin the weather may actually allow us to get out without snow. It’s been crazy here.


Fairies are the nature spirits in many forms that help all the beings on our planet and the planet itself. They are the angels of the earth, yet unlike angels who love you unconditionally, you will have to earn the trust of fairies before they will enter your world. There are many different types of fairies and duties they are in charge of. Working with fairies can be very rewarding, but to do so one needs to become aware of what one leaves in the environment. Fairies love animals and plants. They  do not like harsh environments, chemicals or pesticides.

You can ask the fairies to help you in your home, yard and with animals. When you spend time out in your yard with an open mind they will start to come to you. Doreen Virtue writes a good book Fairies 101.

I don’t work with Fairies yet, because I am looking for my own home and yard. The place where I am currently living is not conducive to energy work inside or out. I have my small space within my bedroom that I do my mediations and healing. I can’t wait to have a yard of my own to get out in and use!

Reiki can help with your plants and animals.

When outside planting new flowers, trees and what not, here’s how I use Reiki.

I usually dig the hole then put Reiki symbols into the ground by drawing the symbol into the soil and then holding my hands over the area while I chant the name of the symbol three times. I may even attune a stone to Reiki and place it in the hole with the intent to help the plant grow healthy.

I will also use the power symbol to Reiki the water I use for the plant after I get it settled in the earth.

I also use Reiki when potting plants for my home. For in home plants though I always leave a Reiki stone in the bottom of the pot and Reiki the water. If a plant looks like it’s in need of extra energy I will send Reiki directly to the plant by placing my hands around the plant and channeling Reiki using the power symbol.

Sometimes I place my plants out on the deck. When I do this, I Reiki them so that they are protected from the outdoor critters that could get into them.

With the warm weather on its way, take your meditations outside and enjoy all the energy you can receive from being out in nature!

Look for June class dates to come. I am getting together a June Reiki weekend in Shell Lake.

Blessings All,

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